Creighton’s Economic Impact on State of Nebraska Tops $787 Million

Creighton’s Economic Impact on State of Nebraska Tops $787 Million

Creighton University’s annual impact on Nebraska’s economy is estimated at $787.5 million, according to a recent study by Ernie Goss, Ph.D., the University’s Jack A. MacAllister Chair in Regional Economics. That figure includes spending on salaries, benefits, goods and services, and construction — and the resulting effect of stimulating other economic activity.

Creighton’s job force of 3,395 makes it one of the 25 largest private employers in the state and one of the 13 largest Omaha employers. It is estimated that Creighton spending also supports another 4,536 full-time equivalent jobs in Nebraska.

During 2009-2010, Creighton’s operating budget totaled approximately $400 million, and the University generated $38.2 million in state and local taxes. Creighton’s more than 7,600 students spent approximately $106 million in Nebraska on products and services.

Creighton also adds to Nebraska’s “brain gain.” In 2009-10, 62 percent of Creighton’s students came from other states and countries. Many alumni stay in Nebraska after graduation, becoming teachers, health professionals, business and civic leaders and more. In the Omaha area, currently 27 percent of physicians, 69 percent of dentists, 59 percent of pharmacists, 72 percent of occupational therapists and 16 percent of registered nurses are Creighton graduates. Approximately one-half of Creighton’s 2009 law graduates are employed in Nebraska.

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