Spring 2005 Symposium

Spring 2005 Symposium


Below are photos and speakers' biographies, as well as links to the speakers' notes and video from the Spring 2005 ADA Symposium.

Luncheon Speaker: Clayton Keller, Ph.D.


Clayton Keller's career in special education spans almost 30 years and includes: work as a paraprofessional and teacher for students with emotional and behavioral disorders, doctoral studies at the University of Virginia, teacher preparation efforts for 13 years as a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Fulbright-sponsored teaching and research in Norway and Turkey, and his current contributions supporting state initiatives in the preparation and retention of special education personnel through the Metro Educational Cooperative Service Unit in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


A significant component of Clayton's research and advocacy work has been in the area of educators who have disabilities. He chaired The Council for Exceptional Children's Presidential Commission on Special Educators with Disabilities and has served as an advisor to that organization's Educators with Disabilities Caucus since its inception. With Ronald Anderson and Joan Karp, he co-edited the volume, Enhancing Diversity: Educators with Disabilities, published by Gallaudet University Press in 1998. Barbara Brock of Creighton University and he are also finishing the preparation of a special issue of the educational administration journal, Educational Considerations, on the topic of educators with disabilities.


Program Speaker: Joanie Friend, Ed.D.


Joanie Friend, Ed.D. is the ADA/Student Civil Right Compliance Coordinator at Metropolitan Community Colleges, Kansas City, Missouri.

Dr. Friend discussed how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to teaching and students in higher education. She presented some common issues and the procecures that are necessary for accommodating individuals with a disability.


Dr. Keller speaking at the Spring 2005 ADA Symposium.
Clayton Keller, Ph.D. giving his luncheon address at the Spring 2005 ADA Symposium.


View Dr. Keller's Luncheon Address (Approx. 60 min.).


Download and view Dr. Keller's PowerPoint presentation (113K).



Dr. Friend gives her presentation during the Spring 2005 ADA Symposium.
Joanie Friend, Ed.D. presented the main discussion during the Spring 2005 ADA Symposium.


Download and view Dr. Friend's PowerPoint presentation (328K).