July 2004

ADA Meeting - July 29th, 2004


Members Present: John Baxter, Bill Hill, Andrea Jahn, Mark Panning, Lennis Pederson, John Pierce.


Unable to Attend: Amy Bones, Ann Ryan Haddad, Teresa Lynch, Amy Matthews, Sara Navkal, Rene Padilla, Wade Pearson, Cathy Pedersen, Rich Rossi, Jayne Schram, Kristina Tatay, Kathryn Thomas.


Minutes: June 24, 2004 meeting minutes were approved by Andrea Jahn and seconded by Bill Hill.


John Baxter was introduced as a member of the Committee.


It was agreed that the ADA Compliance Guide was a good document and should purchased for another year.


Goals and objectives were discussed. Priorities for the next year included the establishment of budget(s) for ADA. Training is also to be a focus.


Lennis Pederson informed the Committee that the Davis Square Housing and California Mall Enhancement construction projects would be completed in August. Each project is designed for accessibility for all.


Handouts at the meeting were subsequently mailed to members unable to attend.


Meeting adjourned at 10:36 A.M.


Next meeting is scheduled for August 26, 2004 and will convene in the Swanson hall Technology Room at 9:30 A.M.