April 2005

ADA Meeting - April 28th, 2005


Members Present: John Baxter, Barbara Brock, Bill Hill, Amy Matthews, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, Cathy Pedersen, Lennis Pederson.


Unable to Attend: Andrew Akright, Amy Bones, Ann Ryan Haddad, Andrea Jahn, Teresa Lynch, Rene Padilla, Rebecca Pettit, John Pierce.


Minutes: March 31, 2005 meeting minutes were approved by Wade Pearson and seconded by Rich Rossi.


The Committee wishes to express a special thank you for all the help given to the ADA Symposium to Deb McAtee and Tami Thibodeau.


The Committee discussed the past symposium to understand the success and identify ways to do better. Attached is the summary of the committee thoughts (16KB PDF). Rich Rossi distributed the summary of the program evaluation sheets. The summary will be distributed to each member.


Mark Panning reviewed the video of the presentation made by Dr. Keller at the symposium. The video was quickly prepared and difficult to edit. It was felt that his discussion about the Creighton Mission Statement and his closing remarks were appropriate for developing into a movie for the website and other venues. The video will be sent to each committee member for review.


The Committee is considering an October 2005 symposium. Dates available for the Student Center Ballrooms are October 6 and maybe October 12. The overall preference is to have the event on October 12.


Amy Mathews and Lennis Pederson will work with Media Services and student groups to develop a project and a budget for a Creighton specific video about ADA awareness and compliance.


Cathy Pedersen stated that the video "The ADA and Disability Law" was well received by their division. Notes from Cathy will be available for the Committee. She recommends that the video be shown at many opportunities on campus to inform others.


Wade Pearson presented information about a teleconference entitled "Reassessing Accessibility: Barrier Removal Guidance for Colleges and Universities". The event is scheduled for May 24, 2005 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. The intent is to register for the event presented by Jeanne Kincaid, ESQ and Sarah Hawthorne. The conference can not be recorded.


The meeting adjourned at 10:32 AM.


The next meeting is scheduled for May 26, 2005 in the Swanson Hall Technology Room.



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