July 2005

ADA Meeting - July 28th, 2005


Members Present: Amy Bones, Bill Hill, Andrea Jahn, Amy Matthews, Mark Panning, Lennis Pederson, John Pierce, Betsy Reece, Rich Rossi


Unable to Attend: Andrew Akright, John Baxter, Barbara Brock, Ann Ryan Haddad, Teresa Lynch, Rene Padilla, Wade Pearson, Cathy Pedersen, Rebecca Pettit


Minutes: June 30, 2005 meeting minutes were approved by Bill Hill and seconded by Amy Bones.


Amy Bones will lead a sub-committee to further develop the methods of alerting the campus population to the ADA grievance procedure. John Pierce, Bill Hill and Wade Pearson will be working with Amy. A report is expected at the August 2005 meeting.


The Committee discussed the anticipated October 12th ADA Awareness Symposium. The Committee learned that Sue Kroeger, from the University of Arizona has agreed to be the keynote speaker. Her primary topic will be directed at best practices associated with administration of an on-campus ADA program. The Symposium will involve other campus groups and agencies. The results of the survey about topics to be sent to the campus population in early September will help solidify the program.


John Pierce spoke about a potential endowment named in behalf of former and present employees. The distributions from the endowment could be used for funding architectural barrier removal projects. More investigation of opportunities will be started.


The Committee talked about a University ADA budget. Lennis Pederson reported that he and Bill Hill had met with Dan Burkey and Fred Nesler about a budget. It seems the better strategy is to develop a budget plan complete with a statement of need and a needs analysis that would be considered for fiscal 06-07. A University capital budget would be the likely source for larger projects to remove architectural barriers. Bill Hill agreed to draft a statement of need that will be considered by the Committee at the August meeting.


Mark Panning informed the Committee that the University's ADA web site is about to "Go Live". The web site will have a link to Human Resources and to Equal Opportunity.


Amy Matthews mentioned the possibility of having a wheel chair basketball game as a half-time show at the scheduled varsity basketball game. Mark Panning indicated he knew a coach of such a team and Mark volunteered to learn more about the teams' availability.


The Committee quickly reviewed an information gathering from presented by Andrea Batten relative the October 26th and 27th Annual Benefits Fair. Lennis Pederson was instructed to complete the form for the Committee.


Rich Rossi spoke about the ADA accommodations in the design of OPUS Square. He mentioned the elevators and that eight apartments would be fully accessible.


The meeting adjourned at 10:40 A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for August 25, 2005 in the Swanson Technology Room.