June 2005

ADA Meeting - June 30th, 2005


Members Present: Amy Bones, Ann Ryan Haddad, Bill Hill, Andrea Jahn, Amy Matthews, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, Lennis Pederson, Rich Rossi


Unable to Attend: Andrew Akright, John Baxter, Barbara Brock, Teresa Lynch, Rene Padilla, Cathy Pedersen, Rebecca Pettit, John Pierce, Betsy Reece


Minutes: May 26, 2005 meeting minutes were approved by Bill Hill and seconded by Mark Panning.


The Committee discussed the October 12th symposium. Bill Hill spoke favorably about a speaker available from Arizona State. Wade Pearson was not able to identify any local speakers that might be a presenter.


Amy Matthews will be lead on sub group that develops and analysis a survey of the campus population about ADA information. The intent is to set up a program for the October 12th event.


Lennis will work with Bill Hill and Wade Pearson to develop a draft program for October 12th. The event may involve the counseling center. The intent is to involve student groups for help organizing the event.


Bill Hill, for Andrea Batten, informed the Committee that a booth will be available for the ADA Committee on October 26 and 27, 2005 Benefit Fair. Please plan to be a booth "worker" during the fair.


Mark Panning told the group that the web site will soon be on line. Bill Hill will work with Mark to get a link to pertinent Human Resource Forms and Procedures.


Lennis Pederson presented a brief project update:

  • Remodel in the lower level of the Skutt Student Center does include a ADA compliant family restroom. Project is scheduled to be completed mid-August.
  • New California Mall, Phase II, will have ADA compliant slopes on the sidewalks. Will use paver bricks in the walking surface.
  • As part of the Burt Street/Cuming Street re-development, ADA compliant curb cuts will be installed at each street intersection -- most of this will be done by late August, 05.


At the suggestion of Wade Pearson, Amy Bones will develop a documented method of alerting the campus population about the ADA Grievance Procedures and its link to the Harassment Policy. It is expected to review Amy's work at the July meeting.


Of note for general information, the University is shifting away from card swipe access to a prox card technology.


The meeting adjourned at 10:21 A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for July 28th, 2005 in the Swanson Technology Room.