May 2005

ADA Meeting - May 26th, 2005


Members Present: John Baxter, Bill Hill, Andrea Jahn, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, Cathy Pedersen, Lennis Pederson, Betsy Reece, Rich Rossi


Unable to Attend: Andrew Akright, Amy Bones, Barbara Brock, Ann Ryan Haddad, Teresa Lynch, Amy Mathews, Rene Padilla, Rebecca Pettit, John Pierce


Minutes: April 28, 2005 meeting minutes were approved by Bill Hill and seconded by Andrea Jahn.


The Committee will accept the invitation to have a booth at the October 26 & 27, 2005 Benefit Fair. Andrew Batten will be asked to include the ADA Committee.


Mark Panning presented the video presentation of the talk give by Dr. Keller at the recent ADA symposium. The Committee heard in a few minutes of review about the work needing to be completed for the culture of campus related to accessibility. The Committee recommended viewing the entire video on the website.


Lennis Pederson reviewed the plans of the California Mall Phase II expansion. The review spoke to the ADA compliance. The Committee quizzed about the parking garages.


The Committee discussed the May 24, 2005 teleconference presented by Jeanne M. Kincard, Esq. and Sara Hawthorne, J.D. about Reassessing Accessibility -- Barrier Removal Guidance for Colleges and Universities. Those people at the committee meeting and at the teleconference talked about the potential of an ADA compliance review of the school by the Office of Civil Rights. The OCR is actively pursuing private colleges.


The Committee is planning for the October 12th symposium. Bill Hill will contact the University of Arizona for potential presenters. Wade Pearson will explore the possibility of using campus staff as presenters.


The Committee thanks Rich Rossi for the coffee delivered to the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:37 A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for June 30th, 2005 in the Swanson Technology Room.