July 2006

ADA Meeting - July 27, 2006


Members Present: Amy Bones, Jim Howell-Burke, Mark Panning , Wade Pearson, Lennis Pederson, Rich Rossi


Unable to Attend: John Baxter, Jeffery Branstetter, Barb Brock, Whitney Douglas, Barbara Flynn, Ann Ryan Haddad , Andrea Jahn, Georgian Lee, Amy Matthews, Cathy Pederson, Stacy Peitz,

John Pierce


Minutes:Approved by Amy Bones with a correction of the first sentence of the second paragraph to change the word from valve to value, seconded by Wade Pearson


Terry Lynch made a guest appearance to introduce Jim Howell-Burke as a new member of the committee.


Wade spoke about the October 5th, symposium making the Committee aware of a psychiatrist, Dr. Terry Friedricks, who would present about A.D.D. and other disorders. Amy Bones contributed to the conversation with an update on the presentation by an employment attorney. Wade and Amy were asked to provide a biography.


Wade will develop a schedule of events for he symposium to be reviewed at the next meeting.


Once again Rich Rossi will bear the expense of food for the event. Amy will talk to Jeff Branstetter about his giving a presentation at the symposium along with the attorney.


Wade informed the group that he has received the on-line training program from the University of Utah. His information is on seven discs package with two discs that can be used for training.


Fran Angeroth and Joe Zaborowski talked about the methods of tracking projects or purchases that help with ADA compliance. Fran talked about the Facilities Management work management program known as Facility Focus. She indicated how the package could be used to track improvements that make places and spaces more accessible. She also mentioned that she will have staff available to photograph improvements. Joe will look forward in time to develop a software code to help track purchases. The options for

coding exist.


Committee members were asked to send their comments about the ADA survey executive survey to Lennis so the final copy could be drafted.



Meeting adjourned at 10:35A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for August 31, 2006 at 9:30 A.M. in the Technology Room in Swanson Hall.