June 2006

ADA Meeting - June 29, 2006


Members Present: Jeffery Branstetter, Amy Bones, Andrea Jahn, Amy Matthews, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, Lennis Pederson, Rich Rossi


Unable to Attend: John Baxter, Barb Brock, Whitney Douglas, Barbara Flynn, Ann Ryan Haddad, Georgian Lee, Cathy Pedersen, Stacy Peitz, John Pierce


Minutes: Approval of the May 25, 2006 minutes by Wade Pearson and seconded by Jeff Branstetter


A report from Cathy Pedersen was read to the Committee wherein she stated that the task force engaged in faculty and staff awareness of ADA had met once and plans to meet again in July. The Employee Development Program will be a spring, 2007 offering.

Mark Panning and Jeff Branstetter will join Cathy and Amy Bones at the next meeting.


Jeff Branstetter spoke about the valve of documenting improvements and accommodations accomplished to aid in ADA compliance. Representatives from Purchasing and Facilities Management will be present at the July committee meeting. There is some concern about how private the individual's accommodations should remain but generally felt that it is likely not a problem. Two outcomes from the conversation in July are hoped to be -

1) What work has been done and

2) Displaying the ideals and methods of accomplishing future accommodations


Rich Rossi and Jeff Branstetter discussed the role and contents of the mission statements that might be included in an ADA Awareness Brochure. The Committee offered suggestions to change the verbiage regarding the University's commitment to the ADA.


Rich Rossi talked about the recent web-seminar he and Amy Bones attended. He was made aware of the behavioral impact of a supervisor or leader whos subordinate might be contemplating suicide. The presenter considered the suicidal condition as a need for an accommodation in the form of treatment. Amy Bones talked about this being an Office of Civic Rights Ruling and she expects to bring more interrelation to future committee meetings. Rich distributed a white paper about best practices for supporting suicidal students within risk management framework.


Wade Pearson reported that he has not received the information from Utah State for on-line training opportunities. He is hopeful that he will receive the documents in July.


Amy Bones is developing a budget number for the fee to retain a lawyer to present at the October 5th Symposium. Wade did not have further updates regarding the Symposium.


Wade Pearson volunteered to follow-up with Kathy Taggart concerning grant applications and grant sources. He had not heard from her since the presentation she gave the Committee.


The Committee discussed how the executive summary of the recently completed campus barriers survey might be written. It is agreed that the summary should be a tool that is legally non-binding; gives credence to budget requests, grant applications, and can be used to promote the positive aspect of the work accomplished.


Meeting adjourned at 10:32A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for July 27, 2006 at 9:30 A.M. in the Technology Room in Swanson Hall.