August 2007

ADA Meeting - August 28, 2007


Members Present: Barb Brock, Lee Budesheim, Mei Li Kwong, Laura Mann, George McNary, Lennis Pederson,


Unable to Attend: John Baxter, Jeffery Branstetter, Amy Bones, Roselyn Cerutis, Kathryn Clark, Jim Howell-Burke, Sarah Grawe, Scott Grove, Andrea Jahn, Stephanie Kokesh, Amy Matthews, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, John Pierce, Rich Rossi


Minutes: The July 26, 2007 meeting minutes were approved by George McNary and seconded by Laura Mann


The grant writing task force has been idle in the recent past due to vacation schedules. The task force is expected to resume work in mid-September. Meetings are expected to convene in Criss 1 to make it more convenient for Grant staff to attend.


Barb Brock volunteered to draft a handout for faculty to use because it is felt the audio conference disc might be too long for most. She expects to solicit the help of Wade Pearson. Focus will be on draft language for faculty to use in the class syllabus explaining why students should disclose a need for special requirements. The disc and the paper hand out from the session will continue to be available.


Mei Li Kwong and Lee Budesheim volunteered to work with Wade Pearson to develop an online educational program.


Amy Bones forwarded a final draft of the voluntary self-identification and reasonable accommodation request from. The draft from was accepted as a final copy with a motion by George McNary and seconded by Laura Mann. Lennis Pederson was asked to have the form posted on the campus ADA website and the Human Resources website. A link to the Equal Opportunity website is expected.


The Committee discussed the October Symposium. It has later been learned that the Symposium is better delayed until spring 2008 to allow time for more complete planning.


Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.


The next meeting is on Tuesday, September 25th in Lied Education Center, Rm. 112 at 11:00. It will be a walking tour followed by a lunch.