February 2007

ADA Meeting - February 22, 2007


Members Present: John Baxter, Jeffery Branstetter, Amy Bones, Barb Brock, Roselyn Cerutis, Kathryn Clark, Scott Grove, George McNary, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, Lennis Pederson.



Uable to Attend: Jim Howell-Burke, Andrea Jahn, Georgian Lee, Laura Mann, Amy Matthews, Stacy Peitz John Pierce, Rich Rossi.



Minutes: Approval of the January 25, 2007 meeting minutes approved by George McNary and seconded by Mark Panning. The date of the minutes shown as September 28, 2006 should be changed to January 25,2007.


Scott Grove has asked to be consultant to the Committee because of the work being done by the Committee and how he can lend his experiences, knowledge and personal contacts to the work being accomplished.


Mark Panning reminded people about the Red Dawgs presentation at the Mar 3,'07, Women's basketball game. The event is in the Civic Center and the Red Dawgs will take the floor at half time. People wishing to attend should contact Mark regarding complimentary tickets.


George McNary, Kathryn Clark, and Wade Pearson were asked to be on a task force to develop Symposium 2007. Their initial responsibility is to decide if the venue needs to be changed to better disperse the information gotten from the Symposium. The Symposium may need to be split into separate sessions on more dates to make more information available to more people. Scott Grove has contacts at the Allied Health and Counseling Center that may be presenters at a forum or series of forums.


Wade Pearson did not have an update on the project for on-line training about ADA.


Amy Bones continues to work on the Voluntary Self Identification and Reasonable Accommodation form. Her work is leading her in the direction of two forms. A form for applicants is appearing to be different from the form to be used by current employees.


Mark Panning lead an on-line presentation by a firm, Usablenet that reviewed software that could be purchased to help make web sites accessible to all. The demonstration included reviews of web sites at other institutions. Questions asked by the Committee were answered sufficiently by Usablenet. The Committee was supportive of the software concept and encouraged the DoIT staff to continue research.


Amy Bones distributed a set of draft goals and objectives for the Committee to review. The listing will be reviewed more at the March meeting. At the March meeting there will be time set aside to list which committee members will be working on which objectives. Amy is working on the project with Jeff Branstetter and Mark Panning.


Meeting adjourned at 10:40 A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for March 29, 2007 at 9:30 at Swanson Hall North Conference Room. Ask about the location at the front desk


Future Meeting Dates

April 26,'07

May 31,'07

June 28,'07

July 26,'07.