January 2007

ADA Meeting - January 25, 2007



Members Present: Amy Bones, Roselyn Cerutis, Kathryn Clark, Andrea Jahn, Georgian Lee, Laura Mann, George McNary, Mark Panning, Lennis Pederson.


Uable to Attend: John Baxter, Jeff Branstetter, Barb Brock, Jim Howell-Burke, Amy

Matthews, Georgian Lee, Stacy Peitz, Wade Pearson,John Pierce, Rich Rossi.


Guests: Scott Grove, Joe Zaborowski


Minutes: Approval of December 7, 2006 meeting minutes approved by Laura Mann and seconded by George McNary.


Mark Panning reported that the ADA Awareness brochure is on the ADA web-site. It is not known how many brochures are printed and awaiting distributions. The Committee agreed that the brochures should be available for pickup at -

- New Employee Orientation

- Human Resources

- Counseling Center

- Markoe Hall

- Student Healt.


Amy Bones is working through the Volunteer Self Identification and Reasonable Accommodation request form. Her current thinking is that it should be two forms; one for a job/student applicant and one for an employee. Anticipate the forms will be ready for review prior to the February meeting. Once developed, the forms will be available on the ADA web-site.


Mark Panning, Scott Grove and Andrea Jahn agreed to tackle the Committee Goals and Objectives to update and refine the current set. Jeff Branstetter will be asked to join the group.


Lennis Pederson reported that there are construction projects under way that will, as part of the project, enhance accessibility. Three such projects are the restroom remodel in Criss; the remodel of the former O'Keefe Building; and the California Mall extension from 20th Street east to Morrison Soccer Stadium.



Mark Panning informed the Committee that the Red Dawgs will be performing at the March 3, 2007 women's basketball game. Mark volunteered to try to get complimentary tickets from the Athletic Department for the Committee members. Save the day!


The Symposium, 2007, was discussed. The Committee had some observations:

1) Can the Symposium link to a Wellness Committee activity to get broader exposure?

2) Kathryn Clark wants early involvement so the Public Relations piece can be more effective.

3) Scott Grove has an associate, Patty Goreman, who is active in the Paralyzed Veterans organization that may be a keynote speaker at the Symposium.

4) Possibly there needs to be a series of mini-symposiums that can be scheduled and directed toward each school.


A work group composed of Kathryn Clark, Scott Grove, George McNary and Wade Pearson will be asked to consider the alternatives for a symposium.



Amy Bones said that the Planning Committee for the March 19th Employee Development opportunity may need a few more meetings to fully prepare. The Planning Committee is composed of Amy Bones, Mark Panning, Jeff Branstetter, Barb Brock and Cathy Pedersen.


Lennis reminded the Committee of the February 28th Lunch and Learn at Facilities Management about ADA compliant Signage. Interested individuals should RSVP Trunk Hansen to insure a lunch is available.


Scott Grove suggested that the University be attuned to more disabled students as veterans from the war return to start a new life. There may be an increase in applicants. The increase or the potential for an increase may present grant opportunities for the University.


No updates were available regarding the request by Nancy Stone for one of her classes to undertake some form of an ADA compliance project.


Bob Caudillo's request for assistance in the Lied Education Center remained open because he had not been available for a meeting. Mark did say he had tour the Lied Center with Bob and he felt some of the changes would be minimal.


Meeting adjourned at 10:25 A.M.


The next meeting is scheduled for February 22, 2007 at 9:30 at Swanson Hall Tech. Room.