March 2007

ADA Meeting - March 29, 2007


Members Present: John Baxter, Jeffery Branstetter, Amy Bones, Barb Brock, Kathryn Clark, Scott Grove, Mark Panning, Lennis Pederson,

John Pierce.


Unable to Attend: Roselyn Cerutis, Jim Howell-Burke, Andrea Jahn, Georgian Lee, Laura Mann, Amy Matthews, George McNary, Wade Pearson, Stacy Peitz, Rich Rossi.


Minutes: Approval of the February 22, 2007 meeting minutes approved by Kathryn Clark and seconded by Amy Bones.


Amy Bones presented the most recent draft of the Creighton University Voluntary Self-Identification and Reasonable Accommodation Request Form. The form had previously been approved by John Pierce. The form will likely be posted on the ADA and on the Human Resources web-site. Amy will confirm use of the web-sites with Jeff Branstetter.


Amy Bones presented a summary document from University College that indicated the employee development; "Becoming Diversity Competent" was very well received by the people in attendance. Amy, Barb Brock and Mark Panning all agreed that the program went well. The Committee wishes to recognize the good work by Cathy Pedersen in developing and presenting this opportunity.


In open discussion, the Committee underscored the need for more training and education to make faculty/staff and students more aware of ADA. There may need to be required training and an internal university certification.


The Committee discussed the Symposium 2007 and agreed that there should be an annual October event that may be through the lunch hour. The event might be two hours long. Kathryn Clark has preliminary thoughts that involve competitions and games to enhance the October event. There may be the potential of SEN helping with promotions.


The Committee also wants to have quarterly sessions that would follow the October "Kick-Off" Symposium. The thought is having a variety of topics at different times, the attendance may increase.


Jeff Branstetter, Scott Grove and Mark Panning will discuss webinar options and how the Committee might tailor the presentation to CU and possibly having the presentation being a required annual training requirement.


Lennis Pederson updated the Committee on the status of work orders assigned Facilities Management for correcting ADA concerns identified as architectural barriers by Carlson West Provoda. The work continues.


Mark Panning hurried through a review of Committee Goals and Objectives. His task force is assigning Committee members to complete each objective in the goals. More conversation is expected at the next meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.


The next meeting is scheduled for April 26,'07, at 9:30 in the Swanson Hall Technology Room.


Future meeting dates

May 31,'07

June 28,'07

July 26,'07

Aug 30,'07