October 2007

ADA Meeting - October 30, 2007


Members Present: Amy Bones, Jeff Branstetter, Barb Brock, Lee Budesheim, Roselyn Cerutis, Amy Matthews, Mark Panning, Wade Pearson, Lennis Pederson,


Unable to Attend: John Baxter, Kathryn Clark, Jim Howell-Burke, Sara Grawe, Scott Grove, Stephanie Kokesh, Mei Li Kwong, Andrea Jahn, Laura Mann, John Pierce, Rich Rossi


Minutes: The September 25, 2007 meeting minutes were approved by Wade Pearson and seconded by Amy Mathews.


The October 24th, Health Fair participation was reviewed. It was noted that the ADA Awareness brochure worked well. Corrective action steps include using a training video as an aid at the table and updating the photography on the display board.


Mark Panning is planning to re-engage the grants writing task force. He will have the team focus on invisible disabilities with building enhancements being a secondary consideration.


Barb Brock and Lee Budesheim are asked to write the statement(s) that can be sued in the opening remarks in a class syllabus instructing students to disclose the need for assistance. The statement(s) are to be approved by Amy Bones prior to taking the steps to get the schools to adopt the statements. At the meeting, Barb and Lee were provided assistance from many of the Committee members about similar phrases now used in some syllabi across campus. It is anticipated that the statement can be reviewed at the November meeting.


Lennis explained to the Committee that committee tours of the facilities could be scheduled at times other than the normal meeting time. Committee members will be asked to lead tours in their respective buildings.


Lennis will be organizing the spring symposium. The goal is to have the symposium in April, if space can be found. The theme for the symposium and the general layout of the symposium will be much like that planned for the October event that did not materialize.


A report to the Academic Counsel is due my November 26, 2007. Lennis will draft the document and get copies to Jeff, Lee and Wade for editing.


Jeff spoke about the need to do more work with students so the awareness about the law and the work of the committee can be extended. Ideas that came from that conversation included a "field day" where people could be asked to operate a wheel chair; where glasses smudged with Vaseline; or other empathetic experience. Using an ice cream social as the reason to come to the field day may be the drawing mechanism. A second idea is to try getting Creightonian interest in the ADA and publishing some articles about the needs of the diverse population.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM. The next meeting is November 27, 2007.

There will not be a December meeting.