September 2007

ADA Meeting - September 25, 2007


Members Present: John Baxter, Amy Bones, Lee Budesheim, Andrea Jahn, Mei Li Kwong, Laura Mann, Amy Matthews, Wade Pearson, Lennis Pederson, John Pierce, Rich Rossi


Unable to Attend: Jeff Branstetter, Barb Brock, Roselyn Cerutis, Kathryn Clark, Jim Howell-Burke, Sarah Grawe, Scott Grove, Stephanie Kokesh, Mark Panning


Guest: Maria Jerrell


Minutes: The August 28, 2007 meeting minutes were approved by Laura Mann and seconded by Lee Budesheim.


The meeting included a tour of the Lied Education Center conducted my Michael McCandless; a look at the California Mall, both old and new sections; and a look at Ahmanson Law.


During the tour, the Committee observed some of the accessibility problems in the Lied Education Center. Noting that the building is relatively new and constructed in compliance with the law as the law was interpreted twelve years ago, the Committee witnessed design short comings and the impact on accessibility when room use functions are changed without cognizance of the accessibility impacts.


Maria Jerrell explained how the short comings to accessibility in the Lied Education Center could be rolled into a grant application. The grants writing task force has been idle through the summer months but expects to pick up the challenge in the early Fall. Grant opportunities are limited.


The Committee decided to not amend the section in the Handbook for Faculty relative Americans with Disabilities. The Committee enhanced the section in 2006 and felt the changes were sufficient.


John Baxter was asked to lead the Committees involvement at the CU Healthy Health Fair scheduled for October 24th. Members were asked to find time to be at the Committee's table during the event.


The Committee discussed options for a symposium in the Spring 2008, recognizing that an October symposium was not timely. Organizing a task force to present the symposium was assigned to the Committee chair.


Meeting and tour adjourned at 12:35 P.M.


The next meeting is on November 27, 2007 at 11:00 A.M. in the Swanson Hall Technology room.