April 2008

ADA Meeting - April 29, 2008


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Andrea Jahn


Jeff Branstetter


Stephanie Kokesh


Amy Bones


Mei Li Kwong


Barb Brock


Laura Mann


Lee Budesheim


Amy Matthews


Roselyn Cerutis


Mark Panning


Kathryn Clark


Wade Pearson


Jim Howell-Burke


Lennis Pederson


Sara Grawe


John Pierce


Scott Grove


Rich Rossi


Minutes: The March 25, 2008 meeting minutes were approved by Rich Rossi and seconded by Laura Mann.


The recent symposium was discussed. The cost for the event was noted at $1024.25 less the cost of lunch which was estimated by Rich Rossi to be about $1000. Extra folders of information will be distributed to the President Cabinet and possibly to Human Resources. Kathryn Clark suggested using more posters to alert people about upcoming symposiums.


John Baxter told the Committee about his recent training as a volunteer with the City to write citations on vehicles illegally parked in handicapped stalls. There was a restated concern about the potential misuse of handicapped parking stalls on campus.


Mark Panning was not able to attend the meeting to discuss the grant writing task force project. He has identified some sources for grants that have been shared with the Grants Office. The costs to have physical short comings corrected in the Lied Education Center have been estimated by Maria Jerrell at about $33,000. Ms. Jerrell will be writing for a grant when a source is identified.


Wade Pearson made the Committee aware of a website that educates readers about Asperger Syndrome. The website has a 12 minute video that can be down loaded at no cost. Check it out at www.researchautism.org/resources/AspergerDVDSeries.asp .


Lennis was encouraged by the Committee to seek a budget for the Committee. He reminded the Committee that the attempt to find an operating budget was attempted a few years ago. The projects that are known to be needed to remove architectural barriers are submitted annually as part of the capital budget process.


Lennis Pederson told the Committee that he is attempting to get a major gifts officer to attend the meetings in an ad hoc, advisory capacity.


Laura Mann was complimented for her efforts to make the tour of Creighton Hall a success. Many of the action items documented by Mei Li Kwong have been forwarded as work orders to Facilities Management.


The Committee discussed a possible Fall Fun Day to offer attendees an opportunity to be set in a condition for a number of physical disabilities. The activities might also include being placed in conditions that are unseen disabilities. Stephanie Kokesh said that SEN was very willing to partner in the event. Some of the points of discussion were:

The event should be on a Friday afternoon. Since the meeting, the event has been scheduled for 2:00 on Sept 19 in the Skutt Student Center ballroom.

There should be an incentive to draw folks to the event. One idea was to issue tickets to the attendees and when the ticket was "punched" four times for attempting to be part of the disability the ticket holder would get ice cream.

There might be demonstrations of the equipment available to help people with disabilities.


Fall meeting times were discussed. The meeting time will continue to be 11:00am on the last Tuesday of the week through August but the Committee said having a meeting later in the day may give an opportunity for more to attend. The subject will be discussed further.


The meeting adjourned at 12:08 PM.


The next meeting will be May 27, 2008 at 11:00 AM in Swanson