August 2008

ADA Meeting - August 26, 2008


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Mei Li Kwong


Amy Bones


Laura Mann


Jeff Branstetter


Amy Matthews


Lee Budesheim


Mark Panning


Roselyn Cerutis


Wade Pearson


Kathryn Clark


Lennis Pederson


Katherine Hatfield


John Pierce


Jim Howell-Burke


Rich Rossi


Andrea Jahn


Jessica Royal


Stephanie Kokesh




Minutes: The July 29, 2008 meeting minutes were accepted by Rich Rossi and seconded by Wade Pearson.


The Committee recognized the positive influence and good work Dr Barbara Brock gave the committee. Dr Brock will be leaving the committee, having completed a term as a faculty representative and prior to that as a consultant. Her interest in helping others was noted at each meeting she attended.


Lennis Pederson explained the situation regarding accessibility in restrooms in the Harper Center. The restrooms are designed to meet applicable code but the design is not working. There will be additional review of the situation to seek an acceptable solution…..Since the AUG26 meeting, a project was created by Facilities Management to install automatic door openers on the 2nf floor and 4th floor public restrooms. No schedule for the work has been defined but the project is considered a priority.


Jeff Branstetter volunteered to develop a program that helps members become acquainted with the American's with Disabilities Act. The committee agreed that there needs to be a baseline of understanding to make membership on the committee meaningful. This initiative is in line with the committee goal of education and awareness.


Lennis was asked to query the new faculty members for input on the best time to meet so they can attend. An e-mail will be sent to each. The desire of those members at the meeting was an early meeting time on a Tuesday or Thursday but the comment was underscored with an attitude of flexibility.


Lennis will arrange tours of the Bio-Information Center and the Boyne Bldg to get an idea of the accessibility in these buildings. Tours will be later in the semester.


Mark Panning reported that the grant writing task force he leads has identified several possible grant sources thanks to help from the Grants office. The potential grant from Mitsubishi was not pursued because of timing. Mark will follow through with the Grants office to confirm the grants are still available and the grant focus because it is understood that any grant request from Creighton would not have much to do with research and certainly would not be done on a National level.


Amy Bones was not able to attend the meeting to update the committee on pending legislation. It is known that the higher education renewal bill had been signed into Law. Wade Pearson remarked that the Law will have some accessibility requirements but the extent isn't known.


Discovery Day was discussed at a high level because the details remain open to be developed. The event will be Oct 3 in the Skutt Student Center ballroom. Amy Matthews and Stephanie Kokesh are planning the event. Kathryn Clark was asked to handle the public relations for the event. Each committee member has been asked to be active and help during the event.


Wade Pearson indicated that Penn State has a very low cost e-training program that could be ready for implementation at Creighton reasonably easy. He was asked to learn more about the training program and report on the subject at the September meeting. The Penn Sate program may be better suited to us than the program from Utah State.


The meeting adjourned at 11:50am.


The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 11:00 on Sept 30 in the Swanson Hall south conference room.