February 2008

ADA Meeting - February 26, 2008


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Andrea Jahn


Jeff Branstetter


Stephanie Kokesh


Amy Bones


Mei Li Kwong


Barb Brock


Laura Mann


Lee Budesheim


Amy Matthews


Roselyn Cerutis


Mark Panning


Kathryn Clark


Wade Pearson


Jim Howell-Burke


Lennis Pederson


Sara Grawe


John Pierce


Scott Grove


Rich Rossi


Minutes: The January 29, 2008 minutes were approved by Amy Bones and seconded by Mark Panning.


Lennis Pederson gave a brief update on the project to construct the Webster Street Mall from 17th to 21st Streets. The new mall will have curb cuts and necessary slopes for accessibility.


Wade Pearson explained that the on-line training component could be placed on a server and made available. There is a cost to be paid to DoIT. The information can be updated and customized. The updating of the customized information is likely to be labor intensive. Amy Bones suggested that the individual modals be reviewed and possibly enhanced. Wade will check with Lee Budesheim to determine if a summer intern can be hired to help review the program.


The Symposium update focused on setting the time to start the event as being 11:00. The tentative order of the presentations was established. The committee agreed to have a small vendor fair but the specifics were left to Lennis to develop. Lennis was tasked with arranging for the symposium lunches. Lennis will contact Amy Matthews regarding a symposium presentation in CUMC after Apr 15.


Amy Bones reported that the ADA Bill that broadens coverage is not as burdensome as earlier thought. She will continue to update the Committee in future meetings as more about the Bill is understood.


Wade and Lennis will be meeting with Vice Presidents Enarson and Borchers about the need for disability accommodation statements in course syllabi. The meetings have been scheduled to occur in the next couple of months. Barb offered that her department has the statement in all the course offerings. She will send Wade a copy of the statement.


The tour of Creighton Hall for accessibility concerns will happen through the noon hour on April 17. More details will be forthcoming.


The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am


The next meeting is Mar 25,08 at 11:00 in the Swanson Hall Technology Room.