March 2008

ADA Meeting - March 25, 2008


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Andrea Jahn


Jeff Branstetter


Stephanie Kokesh


Amy Bones


Mei Li Kwong


Barb Brock


Laura Mann


Lee Budesheim


Amy Matthews


Roselyn Cerutis


Mark Panning


Kathryn Clark


Wade Pearson


Jim Howell-Burke


Lennis Pederson


Sara Grawe


John Pierce


Scott Grove


Rich Rossi


Minutes: The February 26, 2008 minutes were approved by Mark Panning. The date of the minutes incorrectly stated November 27, 2008.


Amy Bones reported prior to the meeting that she had no updates about the passage of the bill to broaden ADA coverage. She will continue to monitor the bill's activity and report to the committee.


The Committee reviewed the plans for the Symposium. The conversation was directed toward the agenda, time allocations for the presentations and the "vendor" fair.


Jeff Branstetter told the Committee that his office was not planning a service fair that could include the ADA Committee. The Committee asked that Lennis work with Stephanie Kokesh to plan an ADA play day for sometime in the fall after school starts. The play day would be jointly presented by SEN and the ADA Committee. The awareness to disabilities might include activities like wheel chair use and wearing glasses covered with Vaseline.


Mark Panning reported that the grants opportunity sub committee had stalled out. His goal is to re-energize the taskforce through conversations with the Grants office.


It was learned prior to the meeting that Lee Budesheim would work this summer to get the on-line training program functional. It is understood that he will not have an intern to help but that he would find a way to get the program accomplished. Mark informed the Committee that the on-line training software was not loaded on a server for the Committee to review but he did anticipate the work would be done soon.


Laura Mann gave a brief description of what to expect during the April 17 tour of Creighton Hall. Members were encouraged to attend and see the attic.


The meeting adjourned at 11:50.