May 2008

ADA Meeting - May 27, 2008


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Andrea Jahn


Jeff Branstetter


Stephanie Kokesh


Amy Bones


Mei Li Kwong


Barb Brock


Laura Mann


Lee Budesheim


Amy Matthews


Roselyn Cerutis


Mark Panning


Kathryn Clark


Wade Pearson


Jim Howell-Burke


Lennis Pederson


Sara Grawe


John Pierce


Scott Grove


Rich Rossi


Lennis Pederson declared a quorum and convened the meeting.


Minutes: The April 29, 2008 meeting minutes were approved by Laura Mann.


Lennis Pederson advised the group that the Development Office is amenable to having a major gifts officer be ex officio to the ADA Committee. The Development Office is expected to announce which individual will be appointed in the next few weeks.


Amy Bones could not be present to update the Committee on the status of the pending legislation designed to enhance coverage of the ADA law.


Mark Panning reported that the efforts of the grants writing task force to secure a grant from the Microsoft Foundation had not been successful. There is another, larger option but Mark considers the grant to be very difficult for which to apply. Roselyn spoke of grants seeker tips, a news letter by Lynn Miner that may give some benefactors.


Mark said that the ADA website has been updated with the Symposium update. The update includes the power point presentations and the filmed presentation by the panel. Mark will activate the software to record the number “hits” on the site.


Mark will investigate having a wheel chair icon on the front page of the University’s website. The icon would bet people quickly to the ADA website.


At the suggestion of Laura Mann, it was decided that the September 19 activity be called Discovery Day. The name of the event is subject to change if SEN opts for a change. The event will be directed toward the on-campus populace with the potential invitations to Catholic High Schools in the community and to OT/PT student candidates. Lennis will work with Amy Matthews and Stephanie Kokesh to develop the activities for the day. Additionally, the Committee agreed that the incentive for getting people to the event will be ice cream. An ice cream cone will be given to those that attend and participate in the activities.


Meeting adjourned at 11:50 A.M.

The next meeting will be June 24, 2008 at 11:00 AM in Swanson Hall Tech. Room.