April 2009

ADA Meeting - April 28, 2009


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Mei Li Kwong


Amy Bones


Laura Mann


Jeff Branstetter


Amy Matthews


Lee Budesheim


Mark Panning


Roselyn Cerutis


Wade Pearson


Kathryn Clark


Lennis Pederson


Katherine Hatfield


John Pierce


Jim Howell-Burke


Rich Rossi


Andrea Jahn


Jessica Royal


Stephanie Kokesh





Guest: Maria Jerrell


Minutes: The minutes from March 31, 2009 meeting were approved by

Mark Panning and seconded by Jessica Royal


Mark Panning informed the Committee that the symposium information and video stream is loaded on the ADA website.


James Howell-Burke retired from the University and from the ADA Committee. Jessica Royal announced that her time with the Committee ends because of other demands for her time. Both are thanked for their contributions to the Committee.


Jeff Branstetter and Wade Pearson recapped the recent NEOC on-campus presentation. The event was well attended with a diverse mix of Creighton constituents and people from off campus. Jeff and Wade said the information presented was very educational. The portion about the AAADA was a bit redundant from the Amy Bones presentaion at the ADA Symposium but the audience was different giving value to those hearing the message for the first time.


Mark Panning recapped the tour of the Skutt Student Center. He indicated the building was accessible and signage was adequate. On a personal level he was pleased to learn about the family restroom on the lower level. He also said that the salad bar in the Wareham Court was not very accessible but with the help of food service staff, there would be no reason he could not order a salad



Meeting adjourned at 11:40 PM.


The next meeting will be 11:00 AM on May 26, 2009 in the south conference room in Swanson Hall.