August 2009

ADA Meeting - August 28, 2009

Members Present(X):
John BaxterXAmy Matthews
XAmy BonesSr. Donna Marie McGargill
XJeff BranstetterXFran Minear
XLee BudesheimMadan Nirmalraj
Roselyn CerutisXMark Panning
XDeborah DaleyXWade Pearson
Katherine HatfieldXLennis Pederson
Teri HoppeXJohn Pierce
Rachel InouyeXDeb Saure
XAnne Schoening
The new members were welcomed to the Committee and introductions were made.

Minutes: The minutes from the July 28, 20089 meeting were accepted.

Lennis Pederson informed the Committee that a task force designed to develop a building evacuation plan for handicapped individuals had been established. The first meeting would be convened in September. Members of the ADA Committee are on the task force.

Amy Matthews discussed the pending campus survey relative ADA Awareness. Mark Panning volunteered to send a link of the survey to each member for comment. Lennis asked that comments be made by September 10th. Amy and Mark were asked to send the survey to the campus constituents by mid September.

Deb Daley as a new member has accepted the role of her co-worker Kathryn Clark in developing the ADA brochure. She distributed the content of the brochure to the Committee members present for comment. The brochure is nearing being ready to be printed. Those Committee members not present at earlier meetings wanted an opportunity to review the art planned for the brochure.

Wade Pearson spoke about having the campus ready for two quadriplegic students at the start of school. It seems that all the preparations were completed and no glaring problems existed.

Lennis Pederson reported that the ADA Committee tour of the Ryan Center/DJ Sokol Arena found no concerns about accessibility. Tours of other buildings will be scheduled.

Amy Bones, Jeff Branstetter and Wade Pearson will present a training session at the September meeting. The training will be as presented at the recent past symposium. Jeff offered to provide lunch to those attending because the meeting will be longer than usual.

Mark Panning told the group that he has recently found a long listing of possible grant sources. He will be activating the task force involved with grant solicitation to explore opportunities.

The Committee encouraged Lennis to request a budget for the ADA Committee. Deb Daley offered to help write the request. The request is due in October.

The meeting adjourned at11:53 AM.

The next meeting is September 30, 2009 at 11:00 AM in the Swanson Hall south conference room.