July 2009

ADA Meeting - July 28, 2009

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterMei Li Kwong
Amy BonesXLaura Mann
Jeff BranstetterAmy Matthews
Lee BudesheimXMark Panning
Roselyn CerutisXWade Pearson
XKathryn ClarkXLennis Pederson
Katherine HatfieldJohn Pierce
Andrea JahnRich Rossi
Jessica Royal
Guests: Scott Grove

Minutes: The minutes from the June 30, 2009 meeting were approved by Laura Mann and seconded by Wade Pearson. The minutes were amended to reflect approval of the May 26, 2009 meeting and not June 30, 2009 as indicated.

Lennis Pederson indicated that several members will be leaving the committee and new members will be joining in August. Those leaving are:<br/>

Laura Mann

Kathryn Clark

James Howell Burke ~ who left earlier

Andrea Jahn

Rich Rossi

Mei Li Kwong

Jessica Royal

The committee recognized the departing members and thanked them for the service.

Laura Mann and Kathryn Clark brought the committee current with the proposed updated brochures. The update included a review of the graphics that could be incorporated into the brochure. The language for the brochure was rewritten and distributed for comment. Kathryn asked that comments be forwarded to her by August 6, 2009 to finalize the draft.

John Baxter talked about the arrival of the under graduate paraplegic student for fall term. He provided the committee with updates on the building and transportation accommodations needed by the student.

1. Space for respite will be created in Markoe Hall Room 108.

2. Transportation needs to and from campus are unclear but understood to be the students concern and not the University’s John is working with Shuttle Services regarding transportation around campus through the school day.

3. Assisted technology hasn’t been explored but there is an understanding that the people accompanying the student will do most of the computer work as directed by the student.

4. Health care supplies storage will be in Markoe Hall Room 108.

5. Restroom signage that declares random women’s restrooms as off line for the use by the student and his attendants will be purchased.

6. Classroom chair count and arrangement will be discussed with the Registrar by John Baxter. It is assumed that the student may sit closer to the front of the classroom and that his educational support attendant will be seated near. The nurse will likely be seated in the rear of the classroom. Wade and John were asked to confirm that Lied Education Center Room 104 was an accessible classroom.

7. Snow removal routes were not a particular concern because the sidewalks are kept clear and Mark Panning said that a small accumulation of snow does not impeded the operation of the chair.

8. Building checks for accessibility have been accomplished by John Baxter. There were no concerns.

9. Instructor training would come through Wade’s office.

10. Safe Harbor space will be defined by John. It is expected to not be a large concern because the student travels with two attendants at all times.

Wade and John also discussed trying to learn more about the needs of a master’s degree student that is also a paraplegic enrolled this fall.

Lennis Pederson reviewed the list of work accomplished this past fiscal year by Purchasing and Facilities Management to remove architectural barriers. The lists were distributed to each committee member electronically prior to the meeting and a paper copy was handed out to those attending. The value of work accomplished was noted at $37,861.43. There were many budgets involved with support of the accommodations.

Amy Matthews could not attend the meeting to discuss the re-issuance of the ADA awareness survey. Mark and Wade volunteered to help her with the survey. The target date for re-issuing the survey remains early September.

Andrea Jahn was not able to attend the meeting but Lennis had heard from her earlier that the instructors in Health Sciences were given language for the class syllabus telling students it was their responsibility to disclose special needs. Wade considers the Vice President for Academic Affairs to have accomplished use of this language in class syllabus already.

The Committee was reminded of the July 27,’09, tour of the Ryan Center/DJ Sokol Arena.

Meeting adjourned at 11:53 am.

The next meeting is on August 25, 2009 at 11:00AM in the Swanson Hall south conference room.