June 2009

ADA Meeting - June 30, 2009



Members Present(X):

XJohn BaxterMei Li Kwong
Amy BonesXLaura Mann
XJeff BranstetterAmy Matthews
XLee BudesheimXMark Panning
XRoselyn CerutisXWade Pearson
Kathryn ClarkXLennis Pederson
Katherine HatfieldXJohn Pierce
Jessica Royal


Minutes: The minutes from the June 30, 2009 meeting were approved by Jeff Branstetter and seconded by Laura Mann

Laura said she did not have a new ADA brochure to review but is hopeful to have a presentation at the July meeting. 


The Committee is pleased to have Scott Grove be a visitor at future meetings. Lennis will be contacting Scott regarding the meeting schedule.  


Laura Mann did not have an update for the Committee regarding the new ADA Committee brochure. She anticipates having a brochure available by the time of the June meeting. 

The Committee viewed a short demonstration video prepared by Scott Grove. The video was prepared to help inspire physically handicapped individuals to make the most out of life by learning to cope with the disability. Lennis was asked to arrange a time for members of the Committee to view the full video. The though is that the video could become the foundation for the fall symposium. 

The Committee discussed the letter from Mary Kalamaja. The letter became a self imposed challenge for the Committee to do more outreach to make people aware of ADA. Mark Panning was asked to cyclically send an announcement to the campus populace informing them about the website, for example. Per the advice from Jeff Branstetter it was decided that the employee performance review not include a method for evaluation if the employee doesn’t self disclose a need. 

Lennis Pederson said he would convene a tour of the Ryan Center for those committee members that were interested. The tour will be in late July when the building reaches completion.

Jeff Branstetter spoke about the using the slides from the last symposium as a basis for discussion at the September training. The Committee is reminded that the September meeting will be a training schedule. 

Lennis was instructed to begin planning the next Symposium. It was agreed that the format from the last symposium may be the better approach because of its success. 

The Committee discussed the tasks the University would be undertaking to make accommodations for a quadriplegic student enrolled for fall classes. Wade offered that there has been a lot of help from Voc Rehab to help with the transition of the student from high school to college. There are selected space requirements to be accomplished before the student starts classes but these do not seem insurmountable. John Baxter and de are teaming to help identify the needs and to set forth an action plan. 

Jeff Branstetter sponsored a lunch for the Committee to celebrate a successful year and get ready for the next year. The lunch was appreciated. 

The meeting adjourned at about 11:40 so the members could enjoy lunch. 

The next meeting is July 28 in the Swanson Hall south conference room at 11:00AM.