March 2009

ADA Meeting - March 31, 2009


Members Present(X):






John Baxter


Mei Li Kwong


Amy Bones


Laura Mann


Jeff Branstetter


Amy Matthews


Lee Budesheim


Mark Panning


Roselyn Cerutis


Wade Pearson


Kathryn Clark


Lennis Pederson


Katherine Hatfield


John Pierce


Jim Howell-Burke


Rich Rossi


Andrea Jahn


Jessica Royal


Stephanie Kokesh





Guest: Kevin Mahler


Minutes: The minutes from February 24, 2009 meeting were approved by

Rich Rossi and seconded by Mark Panning



Kevin Mahler talked about grant opportunities that may be available for ADA appropriate activities. Kevin told the Committee about Patrick McNamara and the Omaha Community Foundation. Patrick McNamara explained that Creighton University is seen as a private, wealthy college that does not need help from the Omaha Community Foundation. It is said among the Foundation members that aid to Creighton is unlikely. ADA could be championed by the Universityís Development Office with help from a gift officer.

Kevin will return to the Committee to give more details about the grant opportunities and the Omaha Community Foundation.


The Committee re-visited the recent symposium. Amy Bones suggested that the power point presentation be shortened and taken to various division and department staff meetings and gatherings. Mark Panning told the group that the video of the event and the power point will be available on the ADA website. The Committee was informed of the cost of the symposium and members were asked to have their respective departments participate in covering the cost.


Laura Mann distributed a flyer for John Pierce announcing the April 16, NEOC presentation about discrimination. The convocation will feature extended coverage of the ADAAA. Members are encouraged to attend.


Laura Mann was asked to chair a sub committee charged with updating the ADA Committee brochure. The sub committee includes Jeff Branstetter, Kathryn Clark and Rich Rossi. Preliminary thinking is that the brochure will be distributed at new employee orientation, and contain information designed to help faculty comply with ADAAA.


The Committee is reminded of the April 22nd tour of the Skutt Student Center. The tour convenes at 3:30 pm. The tour convenes at Jack and Edís.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15 PM.


The next meeting will be 11:00 AM on April 28, 2009 in the south conference room in Swanson Hall.