December 2011

ADA Meeting - December 21, 2011

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterXAshlea Lem
Carrie BonsuttoXAmy Matthews
Jeff BranstetterTracy Monahan
Fr. Ray BuckoXMark Panning
XDeborah DaleyXWade Pearson
XBeverly DoyleXLennis Pederson
Michelle FerestadXJohn Pierce
Teri HoppeAnne Schoening
XJim Jansen
Minutes: The minutes from the November 17, 2011 meeting were approved by Jim Jansen and seconded by Bev Doyle. Deb Daley asked that the minutes be amended in the section about goals and tactics; objective #2; that typo 3 be struck and be replaced with Drupal.

Jim Jansen led the members through to employment scenarios as relates to the ADA-AA. The first scenario was about a newly hired employee who was visually impaired. The second scenario was about the timing for an employee to disclose having a disability. Both cases reinforced the need for open communication between supervisors and employees.

Jim spoke briefly about ADA-AA v FLMA. Because Jeff Branstetter could not attend the meeting, the topic was tabled until the January meeting.

Mark Panning provided a thorough update on the enhancement being made to the ADA website. Mark and Ray Bucko were recognized for their efforts to improve the website.

Lennis Pederson recognized the good work accomplished by Michelle Ferestad, Amy Matthews, and Anne Schoening on their project to create awareness posters. Hand outs of the posters were provided to the members. The posters will soon be displayed on campus.

Wade Pearson updated the members on the spring symposium. The April 11, 2012 event will be more clearly defined in January. Amy Matthews added that SEN will conduct Discovery Days at the same time.

Lennis Pederson informed the Committee that he made the annual presentation about the workings of the ADA Committee to the Academic council on December 7, 2011. The presentation did not foster questions or comments from the Academic Council.

The Committee discussed the possibility of changing the name of the Committee. The potential names totaled 14 from which the members could rank.
The top three choices are:
    1) Creighton Disability Accommodation and Awareness Committee
    2) All-University Committee on Disability Awareness and Advocacy
    3) ADA Committee (no change)
Lennis Pederson will forward the suggestion of a name change to the Administration.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

The next meeting will be January 18th, 2012 in the large meeting room in the Campion House. John Pierce will present training films in lieu of a building tour. Other items to be discussed include:
     ADA-AA v FMLA by Jim and Jeff
     ADA training on Blueshark