February 2011

ADA Meeting - February 23, 2011

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterFran Minear
XAmy BonesXMark Panning
XJeff BranstetterKalani Parker
XJulie CarlsonXWade Pearson
XDeborah DaleyXLennis Pederson
XBeverly DoyleXJohn Pierce
Michelle FerestadAnne Schoening
Katherine HatfieldStephanie Tufano
Teri Hoppe
XAmy Matthews
Guests: Josh Wester

Minutes: The minutes from the January 26, 2011, were approved by Jeff Branstetter and seconded by John Baxter.

Lennis Pederson encourages the Committee members to attend the ADA AA Architecture updates conversation convened by Coale Johnson on March 30, 2011. The event is scheduled in Skutt Student Center room 105.

Josh Wester and Mark Panning spoke to the Committee about the rigorous review given websites to insure the sites are accessible. There are established standards used as the checklist. There are some websites across campus that are not reviewed by DoIT. It is recommended that those sites be identified and pursued to recommend that such websites be double checked for accessibility. It is suggested that the contract initiators work with the contracting agency on campus to insure contracts are amended to require accessibility.

Deb Daley volunteered to work with Josh Wester to develop a handout for those Creighton employees building their own website.

The Committee encourages DoIT to pursue the up to date tools that review websites for accessibility.

John Baxter, Deb Daley and Wade Pearson brought the Committee into a conversation about a potential media opportunity to hi-lite the life of Andrew Evans at Creighton. Ms. Daley will assume the lead in contacting those making the request.

Amy Bones presented two scenarios about employees with issues in the work place. As an outcome of the presentation it is noted that not all employee issues are relevant an ADA ruling.

Amy Matthews updated the Committee on here findings to help make Fr. Bucko’s apartment in Jesuit Quarters and office on 4th floor of Creighton hall more accessible to him. Corrective action is moving forward on automating the dividing doors on the 4th floor of Creighton Hall along with the work on doors on the main level of the building.

The Committee reviewed the planning for what is now called ADA Awareness Day scheduled for April 13, 2011. The activity around Discovery Day by SEN is changed to the California Mall. Members are encouraged to invite others to the event which will be hi-lited by the movie Temple Grandin.

Mark Panning informed the Committee that he had not heard about the status of the grant application to Blackboard. He reminded the Committee that an announcement is not expected until late March or early April.

Jeff Branstetter asked that he be given some time to refresh his thinking on implementing on-line ADA training with HR training modules. The subject will be updated at the March meeting.

As part of the meeting, the Committee toured the Alumni Library. The tour gave an opportunity for Lennis to learn about the access deficiencies in the building while explaining to the Committee about the study to update and enhance the facility.

The business portion of the meeting ended at 11:50 am and the tour ended at 12:20 pm.

The next meeting is on March 23, 2011 at 11:00 am in Creighton Hall classroom #324. There will be a tour of the building at this time.