July 2011

ADA Meeting - July 27, 2011

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterFran Minear
XJeff BranstetterXTracy Monahan
Julie CarlsonXMark Panning
XDeborah DaleyKalani Parker
XBeverly DoyleXWade Pearson
XMichelle FerestadXLennis Pederson
Katherine HatfieldJohn Pierce
Teri HoppeAnne Schoening
XAndrea JahnStephanie Tufano
XAmy Matthews
Minutes: The minutes from the June 22, 2011 meeting were approved with amendments from Fr. Ray Bucko about the need to re-designate the accessible doors at entries to campus. Fr. Bucko also expressed concern about there not being funding for committee work. It should be noted that the meeting was held in the Law Center as the Committee will often tour facilities as part of the meeting agenda. .Minutes were approved by Bev Boyle and seconded by Amy Matthews.

New members Tracy Monahan and Andrea Jahn were welcomed.

Lennis Pederson reported that Joe Zaborowski and Josh Wester had completed an audit of Creighton web sites. Two sites were noted as not easily accessible. Lennis will contact the web site “owners” to request their help in making web sites more accessible.

Lennis distributed a list of projects that were completed by agencies across campus this fiscal year. The report is submitted to the committee annually.

John Pierce was not able to attend the meeting to discuss the progress on development of the on-line training program.

Jeff Branstetter spoke briefly about what he is planning for the ADA Committee members to be presented at the September meeting. Members are encouraged to attend.

Wade Pearson, Amy Matthews and Lennis Pederson met prior to the meeting to discuss methods and activities to expand campus education and awareness of the ADAAA. Discussion at the meeting included:
   • Continue an an active partnership with SEN and possibly be a sub-set of some of SEN’s activities.
   • Develop a passive program. Have a poster contest. Michelle Ferestad and Anne Schoening have been asked last spring to lead the effort.
   • Support John Pierce and his team in development and implementation of the on-line training program.
   • Follow Amy Matthew’s lead in developing a program in conjunction with other Allied Health training. The program would award CEU’s.
   • Convene a spring semester convocation.
   • Attend member training presented by Jeff Branstetter - discussion will include Q & A; web site review; interactive conversation about scenarios common to ADAAA in the work place; and a review of the law.
   • Develop and implement a program to attend staff meetings for departments across campus to discuss ADAAA. The programs would be presented by all committee members on a rotating basis.

The business portion of the meeting ended at 11:30 am.

Wade Pearson hosted Christen Heine who exhibited her smart van for the Committee to review. Ms Heine is a quadriplegic. She explained about building the van, learning to drive, and how the van is serviced and repaired. She also shared some driving experiences.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm.

The next meeting will be at 11:00 am on August 17, 2011 in Swanson Hall conf. room at 11:00 am.