March 2011

ADA Meeting - March 23, 2011

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterXFran Minear
Amy BonesMark Panning
XJeff BranstetterKalani Parker
Julie CarlsonXWade Pearson
XDeborah DaleyXLennis Pederson
Beverly DoyleXJohn Pierce
Michelle FerestadAnne Schoening
Katherine HatfieldStephanie Tufano
Teri Hoppe
XAmy Matthews
Guests: Ann McHale

Minutes: The minutes from the February 23, 2011 meeting, were approved by Deb Daley and seconded by John Baxter.

As a follow-up from the February meeting, Lennis Pederson reported that he convened a meeting with Josh Wester, DoIT, and Joe Zaborowski, Purchasing. The problem with not having ADA accessible web sites provided by vendors not working under DoIT guidelines was discussed. Joe and Josh will conduct meetings with departments known to have rouge, non-compliant web-sites to encourage change.

Jeff Branstetter reported that BLR, which is the vendor of on-line training to Human Resources, did not sell an ADA training module to the University. John Pierce will look for other on-line training modules for other vendors. John will report at the April meeting.

Jeff Branstetter thought the handling of the Fr. Bucko needs were accomplished quickly. Amy Matthews said that the OT students are working with Fr. Bucko. Many of the items noted as needed early on have been accomplished. Amy will continue meeting with Fr. Bucko to identify changing needs.

The Committee discussed attendance record at meetings. Lennis was asked to develop a spread sheet of attendees at past meetings. He is also to report on the requirements for attendance as members of a Presidential Committee.

The Committee briefly discussed the ADA Committee awareness survey conducted with the help of Lee Budesheim in 2009/2010. A copy of the survey results was distributed. Amy Matthews volunteered to further examine the survey to develop themes than may be turned into committee goals.

Deb Daley introduced the subject of an ADA Committee briefing booklet for Fr. Lannon. This will be an agenda item at the April committee meeting.

The Committee asked Lennis to request an opportunity to present to SAC. The goal is to broaden awareness of the Committee.

The Committee reviewed the planning and coordination for the April 13th ADA Awareness Day. Each member is asked to invite others to attend.

Mark Panning was not able to attend the meeting to update the Committee on the status of the grant request to Blackboard. An announcement about an award is not expected until mid-April.

Jeff Branstetter led the Committee on a discussion of the scenario of the month. Three situations were considered. It was agreed that not all performance issues are related to an individualís disability. Supervisors and managers are encouraged to have good communication with subordinates to ferrite out the reasons for poor job performance. Documenting work rules and expectations is a method of enhancing communication.

The business portion of the meeting ended at 12:01. A brief tour of the 3rd and 4th floors of Creighton Hall followed. The members on the tour noted the shortage of ADA compliant signage and the need for accessible restrooms on the two floors. The touring members did observe the door opening accommodations installed for Fr. Bucko. Lennis used the example of a hold open device installed on a door to a classroom frequently used by Fr. Bucko to indicate the conflict between the ADA AA requirements and the applicable building and fire codes. Doors used for fire separation should not be propped open.

The tour adjourned at 12:30 pm.

The next meeting is on April 27, 2011 at 11:00 pm in the Swanson Hall south conference room.