September 2011

ADA Meeting - September 28, 2011

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterXAshlea Lem
XCarrie BonsuttoAmy Matthews
XJeff BranstetterXTracy Monahan
XFr. Ray BuckoXMark Panning
Julie CarlsonXWade Pearson
Deborah DaleyXLennis Pederson
XBeverly DoyleXJohn Pierce
Michelle FerestadXAnne Schoening
Teri Hoppe
XJim Jansen
Minutes: The minutes from the August 17, 2011 meeting were approved by Fr. Ray Bucko and seconded by Wade Pearson.

Guest: Rebecca Riely

The Committee conversed about the adjustment of the syllabi. Ray Bucko focused on who should be the single point of contact for all ADA concerns. It is understood that students can report concerns to Wade Pearson; staff and faculty to Human Resources; and physical barriers to Facilities Management.

Lennis Pederson distributed a list of ADA Committee Accomplishments for the past three years. The handout is an appendix for the training session that is the topic of the meeting.

Jeff Branstetter lead the training session for and about ADA law and a familiarity with services delivered on campus. Wade Pearson spoke about how his office is involved with more and more students each year. The amended law has much broader inclusion of declared disability. The new law is more about discrimination than earlier case proven definitions of what is a disability.

As part of the training program; Mark Panning explained how to use the ADA website. It is understood and appreciated that the website is much more robust than previous years. The website includes videos of past symposiums.

John Pierce distributed a list of training films applicable to ADA knowledge enhancements. The Committee reviewed the video entitled “Building the Team: Faculty, Staff, and Students Working Together”.

As time allows at future meetings, videos will be presented for review by the Committee. The goal is to enhance committee members’ knowledge of the ADA and to determine if the video is pertinent for a link to the ADA website for viewing by Creighton constituents.

The meeting adjourned at 4:04 pm.

The next meeting will be on October 19, 2011 in Harper Center room #3029 at 3:00 pm.