January 2012

ADA Meeting - January 18, 2012

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterAshlea Lem
Carrie BonsuttoAmy Matthews
XJeff BranstetterTracy Monahan
XFr. Ray BuckoXMark Panning
Deborah DaleyXWade Pearson
XBeverly DoyleXLennis Pederson
XMichelle FerestadXJohn Pierce
Teri HoppeAnne Schoening
Jim Jansen
Minutes: The minutes from the December 21, 2011 meeting were approved by John Pierce and seconded by John Baxter.

Jeff Branstetter spoke about the concern of FMLA V ADA-AA. He allowed that the two were completely separate items. Jeff went on to say that the new benefit of short term disability and the existing benefit of long term disability at Creighton help extend the options for an employee returning to work from an ADA-AA recognized absence. Each extended work absence needs to be considered as an individual case to provide the employee the best options. A handout about the two regulations was distributed by Lennis Pederson to identify why the concern of conflict between the two regulations needs to be discussed. It was agreed to discuss the subject further at the February meeting when Jeff and Jim Jansen might both be present.

Jeff agreed to distribute the Blue Shark tool about ADA-AA awareness. The information adds to the arsenal of awareness tools available for the Committee. Mark Panning volunteered to post the video on the ADA website.

John Pierce distributed the slides from a webinar opportunity from earlier on January 18th. The webinar, entitled “Disability Disclosure in the Workplace: What Employees Should Know” contains excellent information. John is obtaining a disc copy of the presentation to be replayed for the Committee and others interested. The time will be announced.

Lennis Pederson distributed a listing of architectural barriers discussed by the Committee several months ago. Additionally, the draft statement about the need for a University funded ADA budget prepared by Deb Daley was distributed. Because of the change in requirements added by the ADA-AA it was agreed that accessibility is denied for reason beyond architectural barriers. Lennis appointed Jeff Branstetter, Wade Pearson and Ray Bucko to review and expand the list of barriers and report back to the Committee with a list to be forwarded for inclusion in the University’s capital improvement project list.

The Committee discussed how to learn the number of faculty and staff that have disabilities. It is thought that many with disabilities have opted not to disclose. A questionnaire to all employees will be crafted and forwarded to each employee for an anonymous response. Jeff Branstetter, through the Human Resources office, will take the lead in acquiring the information. Members of the Committee volunteered to help Jeff with the questions. Information about students will be provided by Wade Pearson. The information may increase the potential for securing past of the capital budget for accessibility barrier removal.

The meeting adjourned at 4:02 pm.

The next meeting is at 3:00 pm on February 15th, 2012 in Room 104 Creighton Hall.