July 2012

ADA Meeting - July 28, 2012,3:00 PM

Members Present(X):
XJohn Baxter Ashlea Lem
Carrie BonsuttoXChuck Lenosky
Jeff BranstetterXAmy Matthews
Fr. Ray BuckoXTracy Monahan
Deborah DaleyXMark Panning
Beverly DoyleXWade Pearson
Michelle FerestadXLennis Pederson
Teri HoppeXJohn Pierce
XJim Jansen Anne Schoening
Minutes: Minutes of the meeting on May 16, 2012 were approved by Jim Jansen and seconded by Amy Matthews.

Jim Jansen led the Committee through the scenario of the month. He described a situation where a person with needs used a service dog. The dog caused allergenic reaction to a fellow employee. Solutions to the scenario include:
   a) Examine the facility, especially air filters, to confirm satisfactory indoor air quality.
   b) Separate the two employees through office/work site locations and possibly deferring work shifts.
   c) Suggest an alternate service dog that may not trigger allergies in others.

Lennis Pederson appointed a committee composed of Amy Matthews, Michelle Ferestad, and John Pierce to plan the Spring, 2013 symposium. The Committee is asked to help when asked.

The Committee discussed tours after future meetings. Please note:
   1) August 15th meeting, convened in Jelinek Building, tour Rasmussen Center.
   2) September 19th no tour – will have training session.
   3) October 17th – self guided tour of Harper Center while at the ADA Awareness Day.
   4) November 22nd, meeting location to be announced, tour of Davis and Opus.

The September meeting will be a training session.
   • What is the Law – Jim Jansen
   • What is the role of the Committee
   • Tanya Winegard will discuss how ADA fits into her role
   • Website comments by Mark Panning
Each Committee member is asked to bring a guest. The location of the meeting will be determined.

Mark Panning and Lennis Pederson distributed a copy of the amended goals and objectives for the Committee. The document will be reviewed further at the August meeting.

The Committee discussed a survey to be sent to faculty and staff to better understand the role of the Committee. The survey would seek out information about an individual’s requirement for accommodation as well as status as military veteran and other federal statistical information. John Pierce will collaborate with Jeff Branstetter and send the survey under the auspices of Human Resources.

The recently mailed capital budget request that delineated the Committee; priorities was discussed. Chuck Lenosky reminded the Committee that a method of capturing lectures and transcribing quickly was not available. The priority request may need special attention to define the scope of the item.

The ADA Project Report for 2011/2012 was distributed. The list of completed projects will be amended and posted on the website.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

The next meeting is August 15, 2012 at 3:00 pm in the Swanson Hall south conference room.