May 2012

ADA Meeting - May 16, 2012, 3:00 PM

Members Present(X): X
John Baxter Ashlea Lem
Carrie BonsuttoAmy Matthews
Jeff Branstetter Tracy Monahan
Fr. Ray Bucko Mark Panning
XDeborah DaleyXWade Pearson
XBeverly DoyleXLennis Pederson
Michelle Ferestad John Pierce
Teri HoppeXAnne Schoening
XJim Jansen
Guest: Coale Johnson, Facilities Management
Tobias Nownes, Academic & ELearning Technologies

Several pieces of information were distributed for discussion at the meeting:
a) For the capital budget, from Deb Daley
  - Prioritizing ADA campus improvements:
  - A budget for ADA activities:
  - Accessibility for all-ADA compliance capital improvement projects:
b) Meeting re-cap by Coale Johnson from a recent seminar by the AIA about ADA:
c) A brief overview of: “Disability Disclosure in the Work Place: What Employers Should Know” by John Piedlz:

The Committee participated in the scenario of the month presented by Jim Jansen. Jim talked about an employee with ADA being unable to keep up with duties of a receptionist when incoming calls were on the rise. The Committee discussed solutions including purchase of a recording device to help review calls at a later date.

Tobias Nownes lead a discussion about how difficult it is to have real time closed captioning in the classroom. Lectures are now captured and panop to recorded lectures can be transcribed at significant expense. The Committee was thankful for the presentation and will do more to make the University aware of the need.

Coale Johnson hi-lited the recent AIA seminar he attended about ADA. The new codes give clear direction on many areas especially child development centers and recreational spaces.

The Committee reviewed the capital budget submitted. Lennis was asked to re-write the piece about classroom technology upgrades and submit the list for administration to consider.

Lennis Pederson discussed the early planning for the October 23rd ADA Awareness Day. More to come as details become clearer.

The Committee agreed to expand the size of the committee by adding Chuck Lenosky as an ex officio member.

The meeting adjourned at 4:02 pm.

There will be no meeting held for the month of June.

The next meeting is July 18, 2012 at 3:00 pm in the Swanson Hall south conference room.