October 2012

ADA Meeting - October 17, 3:00 PM

Members Present (x):
XJohn BaxterXAmy Matthews
XJeff BranstetterXTracy Monahan
Fr. Ray BuckoXAndrea Ordonez
Beverly DoyleXMark Panning
XRobyn EdenXWade Pearson
XMichelle FerestadXLennis Pederson
XAmy HelmsXJohn Pierce
XJim Jansen Hilarie Price
Bryony Keeble Robert Skrydlak
XChuck Lenosky Charlene Stender
Claire MarkhamXTanya Winegard

Minutes from the September 19, 2012 meeting were approved by John Pierce and seconded by Robyn Eden.

Jeff Branstetter was thanked for organizing and convening the excellent training at the September meeting. Having an extended attendance was greatly accepted.

The Committee discussed the goals and objectives developed by Mark Panning and Lennis Pederson. Concern was raised about having success with an informal gathering of disabled campus affiliates so Mark and Lennis will visit with Amy Mathews about an alternative tool to get information. It was suggested that the Committee add the Student Health Fair to the list of events at which to have a presence to expand awareness of the Committee’s existence and role.

John Pierce informed the Committee that he and Jeff Branstetter had not met to develop a discloser and awareness survey. Some of the points discussed regarding the topic:
   • Federal guidelines are being crafted to have employers like Creighton, that are federal contractors, have a 7% disabled employees base. This is not a quota system, just a guideline but the number of employees should be documented.
   • The survey should be anonymous.
   • Jeff mentioned that based on past surveys, employees might be cautious about completing the survey.
   • John would like to use the survey to capture other demographic information such as military history.
   • Tanya suggested testing the survey amongst a control group prior to fully dispersing the request for information.

Jim Jansen presented the scenario of the month. This study had a slightly different case wherein a wife of a deployed military husband was raising 4 children, two of which had a disability requiring frequent contact. The wife was a college student that attends a class presented by a professor that had no tolerance for class interruptions, tardiness, or absenteeism. Interestingly, this is not an ADA governed situation because the wife is not disabled and it is not an FMLA condition because the wife is not an employee.

John Pierce, Michelle Ferestad, and Amy Mathews brought the Committee up to speed on the initial planning for the spring symposium.
   • The event is April 17, 2013 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in Skutt Student Center.
   • Thinking of using a panel discussion forum involving Creighton affiliates in the panel.
   • Activities could include –
     a) SEN would be asked to help by exposing attendees to some of the challenges faced by the physically disabled.
     b) Have a vendor or two display some of the aids or devices on the market that help mitigate a barrier..
     c) Have awareness tables staffed by Human Resources and by the office of Disabled Student Support Services.
     d) Have “Give – Aways” like water bottles to help keep the committee awareness continuing.

John Baxter told the Committee about the forth coming University-wide Safety Fair and how the Committee could participate. The content of materials at the booth was reviewed along with the staffing schedule.

Lennis distributed two reports of recent barrier inspections. One report was authored by Coale Johnson after his inspection of the Child Development Center and a second report was prepared by OT/PT students after a detailed inspection of the Kiewit Fitness Center. Lennis stated that the reports will be used to prioritize work needed to remove barriers.

The meeting adjourned at 4:03 pm.

The next meeting is November 21, 2012 in Skutt Student Center, room #209 at 3:00 pm.