February 2013

ADA Meeting - February 20, 2013 3:00 PM

Members Present (x):
John Baxter Amy Matthews
XJeff Branstetter Tracy Monahan
XBeverly DoyleXAndrea Ordonez
Robyn Eden Mark Panning
XMichelle Ferestad Wade Pearson
XAmy HelmsXLennis Pederson
XJim JansenXJohn Pierce
Bryony Keeble Hilarie Price
XChuck Lenosky Robert Skrydlak
Claire Markham Charlene Stender
XTanya Winegard

Guest: Coale Johnson

Minutes from the January 16, 2013 meeting were approved by Jim Jansen and seconded by Jeff Branstetter.

Jim Jensen reported that the possibility of housing a student with a therapy cat had evaporated. He is working with Rich Rossi and Wade Pearson to develop a policy about therapy animals on campus. Jim was asked to involve the Committee in the review process.
John Pierce and Michelle Ferestad updated the Committed on the plans being made for the Spring Symposium set for April 17, 2013. Michelle described the plan to give away insulated mugs with information about the Committee. Robyn Eden was not present but was appointed to help Michelle with the artwork for the mugs and to assist John in making people aware of the symposium. Andrea Ordonez volunteered to assist with planning and hosting the symposium.

The Committee began conversation about updating the ADA brochure. Lennis informed the group that about 150 brochures remained so this was an opportune time to brush up the brochure.
Jeff Branstetter displayed a very useful resource for achieving reasonable accommodation. The website, Job Accommodation Network (JAN) at askjan.org is available in the public domain.

Lennis Pederson informed the Committee that the more costly upgrades needed to enhance accessibility in the Boyne Building and the BIC has been inserted into the 5 year capital budget submittal that has been forwarded to the budget office. No status of approval of the budget was available as an update for the Committee.

Amy Matthews and Mark Panning had commitments that kept them away from the meeting. Their draft of Committee Goals and Objectives was circulated for review. Jeff Branstetter asked the Committee to consider more dates to target activity be added to the individual tasks. The objective being part of student orientation was documented by Amy and will be discussed at the March meeting. Lennis asked the members to send questions and comments to Amy Matthews in advance of the March meeting.

Coale Johnson informed the group that he was working on making the Law Center more accessible for a student with needs expected to start school in August. The more significant projects are installation of automatic door openers on the southeast building entry and the door from the second floor hallway to the Law Library.

Coale and Lennis updated the Committee on building projects in progress that will enhance accessibility:
   a) A new entry will be added to the east side of the Hitchcock Building. Completion in August 2013.
   b) An elevator will be added to the north side of Brandeis. Completion is scheduled for October 2013.
   c) A ramp on the east entry to Swanson Hall is programmed for completion in October 2013.
   d) Plans are being developed to provide accessible bedrooms on each of the 5 floors in Deglman. If approved, the work will be done by August, 2013.

The meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.

The next meeting will be held on March 20, 2013, 3:00 pm in Student Center room 209.