January 2013

ADA Meeting - January 16, 2013 3:00 PM

Members Present (x):
John Baxter Amy Matthews
XJeff Branstetter Tracy Monahan
XBeverly Doyle Andrea Ordonez
Robyn EdenXMark Panning
XMichelle FerestadXWade Pearson
XAmy HelmsXLennis Pederson
XJim JansenXJohn Pierce
Bryony KeebleXHilarie Price
Chuck Lenosky Robert Skrydlak
XClaire MarkhamXCharlene Stender
XTanya Winegard

Minutes of the October 17, 2012 meeting were approved by The minutes of the November 21, 2012 meeting were approved by Hilarie Price with two corrections. Her name was misspelled in the opening sentence and the word draft was misspelled in the first sentence of the second paragraph. Bev Doyle seconded the approval.

John Pierce reported that no updates have been published regarding suggested Department of Labor requirement for self-identification and other updates to HEW 503. John’s more detailed report can be read in the November 21, 2012 meeting minutes.
Jim Jensen made the Committee aware of the possibility of a potential student bringing a therapy cat to campus. This potential request was brought forward by Rich Rossi. The details of the request are sketchy. The Committee will need to consider how the accommodation might impact others.

The revised set of goals and objectives were distributed. Each was asked to send feedback to Mark Panning and/or Amy Mathews for further editing.
John Pierce and Michelle Ferestad presented an outline of how the April 17, 2013 symposium may be conducted. The presentation was accepted as a desired format.

The Committee reviewed the ADA compliance issues noted by OT students inspecting Boyne and BIC. The draft had been circulated at the November meeting. It was agreed that work orders should be issued for the no cost/low cost items and higher cost items should be included in future capital budget requests. Lennis Pederson noted that RDG had been given a copy of the report for consideration in its study about Boyne for the School of Dentistry.

For reference, Lennis distributed a copy of the capital budget request for barrier removal projects

Lennis recapped the work needed to make the Law Center more accessible to a student with needs expected to start classes in August 2013. The larger portion of the work is installing two automatic door openers.

The business meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

Following the business meeting, Lennis Pederson informed the members of the Committee about pending building projects to elevate architectural barriers:
  • Hitchcock lower level remodel is about to start. Included will be an accessible entry of the east façade and new restrooms on the lower level.
  • The elevator addition to the north side of Brandeis is in design and will be constructed by Kiewit Building Group. The work includes new, accessible restrooms on the upper floor.
  • The schematic design for the proposed Championship Center was reviewed.

The next meeting will be held on February 20, 2013, 3:00 pm in Student Center room 209. Jeff Branstetter will serve as interim chair person.