November 2013


ADA Meeting Minutes

Date 11/20/13

Room: Skutt 209

Time: 3-4pm



Members: Amy Mayer, Denise LeClair, John Pierce, Mark Panning, Sherry Fontaine, Amy Helms, Andrea Ordonez, , Charlene Stender, Robert Skrydlak, Michelle Ferestad, Jim Jansen, John Baxter, Tracy Monahan, Hilarie M. Price, Cathryn Nelson. Alexis Munchrath, Tim Norton Jeff Branstetter


Members Present:  Amy Mayer, Denise LeClair John Baxter Jeff Branstetter, Amy Helms,  Sherry Fontaine Mark Panning, Robert Skrydlak,  John Pierce, Michelle Ferestad

Members Excused:  Tim Norton

Guests: Abe Colpitss

Minutes recorded by:    Amy Mayer



Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

1. Review Minutes

Please specifically look at the members present/excused

Motion to approve by Jeff and Mark second.

2.       Academic Council Meeting

Any recommendations on where to focus the short presentation?

Jeff mentioned we may not be asked any questions.  Sherry mentioned that the Alegent Creighton merge was on the agenda so may be a busy agenda.

Amy, Tim and Denise will be present.

3.     Committee goals

Any feedback on goals from the committee after the discussion last month?   See handout.  A

Jeff suggested adding the map to the website.

Exploring technology to assist employees and students

More on universal design.

Possibly invite Leann Crist to a meeting.

Incorporate more on hidden disabilities.

Training with new faculty regarding students with disabilities.

Training new managers/supervisors in working with employees with disabilities.

When surveying, ask for contact information to follow up or get more detail.

Amy and Denise will incorporate ideas into our existing goal list.

4.       Spring Symposium Idea (Mark)

Target audience: teaching websites and accessibility

Denise shared that this is a very popular idea with faculty and needed.  Many lawsuits in this area. 


Areas we might cover at this symposium.


         Tablet features

         Students that have accommodations

         Universal design

         DOIT resources available

         Jim Jansen lawsuits related to website accessibility

Jeff suggested addressing employee.

Amy will invite the SEN president to the Jan meeting to discuss the spring symposium ideas and how they can be involved.  And will ask Mark to invite the person he thinks will be a good presenter.

Michelle will invite people in charge of MAC and WAC to see if they can collaborate with us.

5.       Demo of Beta of map

Abe Colpitts presented on the beta version of the interactive map that he Mark asd several students are building.  The map has an ADA option.  Shows accessible parking and automatic doors.  Can pan in to see resources.  Plan to update the color combos for better vision.

John suggested this may be used at the kiosk in harper. 

The international symbol was suggested for the ADA areas.

John suggested he contact Fran in facilities for assistance. 



John B brought up translators for employee training.  They are required to present to them in their native language.


Adjourned at 4:50