October 2013


Meeting Minutes ADA

Date 10/16/13

Room: Skutt 209

Time: 3-4pm

Members Present:  Amy Mayer, Denise LeClair, John Pierce, Mark Panning, Sherry Fontaine, Amy Helms, Andrea Ordonez, Tim Norton, Charlene Stender, Robert Skrydlak.  Cathryn Nelson, Jeff Branstetter


Members Excused:  Michelle Ferestad, Jim Jansen, John Baxter, Tracy Monahan, Hilarie M. Price, Alexis Munchrath 


Minutes recorded by:    Amy Mayer

Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

1.       Chair Role

Jeff is out of town so do not know if bylaw issue has been addressed so a new chair can be elected. Amy said her chair supported her taking on the chair role.  Amy stated she would accept the role with Denise as co-chair.

Amy and Denise led the remainder of the meeting.

Tim made a motion to elect new co-chairs today pending a change in the bylaws.  Charlene seconded the motion.  The committee voted in favor.


Denise will email Jeff and Tonya to check on bylaws. 

2.       Committee goals

Amy and Denise met earlier in the week to review the committee goals from last year and discuss a direction for the committee based on the list.  See attached with notes from the discussion added to the goal/objective list.





There was a suggestion to meet with the President /provost to discuss committee purpose and direction.


Mark reported an updated accessible map was ready for review.

Amy will update the goals and bring to the next meeting for further discussion






Mark will bring Map for the committee to review to next meeting.