January 2014


ADA Meeting Agenda


Date 1/15/14


Room: Skutt 209


Time: 3-4pm


Members: Amy Mayer, Denise LeClair, John Pierce, Mark Panning, Sherry Fontaine, Amy Helms, Andrea Ordonez, , Charlene Stender, Robert Skrydlak, Michelle Ferestad, Jim Jansen, John Baxter, Tracy Monahan, Hilarie M. Price, Cathryn Nelson. Alexis Munchrath, Tim Norton Jeff Branstetter



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Members Excused: 




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Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

1.       Review Minutes





2.       Academic Council Meeting




Amy, Tim and Denise will be present. The presentation was approx. 5 minutes.




3.       Meeting times




Some members and students can‘t make the 3rd Wed at 3.  Thoughts?




4.       Student Research group update




Amy has requested a research group from the first OT class.  The research IOR has approved the topic.  Will see if any students pick up the idea.




5.       Spring Symposium Idea (Mark)




SEN president has class at this time.  May come to next meeting.

Target audience: teaching websites and accessibility

Denise shared that this is a very popular idea with faculty and needed.  Many lawsuits in this area. 

Areas we might cover at this symposium.

·         Library

·         Tablet features

·         Students that have accommodations

·         Universal design

·         DOIT resources available

·         Jim Jansen lawsuits related to website accessibility


























6.       New business?