September 2014

ADA Meeting Agenda
Date 9/15/14
Room: Skutt 104
Time: 2-3pm

Members Present (x):
MemberPresentUnable to AttendMemberPresentUnable to Attend
Amy Matthews X Michelle Ferestad X
Denise LeClair X Jim Jansen X
John Pierce retiredJohn Baxter X
Mark Panning X Dawn Jensen X
Sherry Fontaine X Hilarie M. Price X
Amy Helms X Tim Norton X
Charlene Stender retired Robert Skrydlak X
Tracie Dahl X Jeff Branstetter X
Isabella Gerundio XAndrea Ordonez Montoya X
Shawn Cook X Cindy Hadenfeldt X

Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

Review Minutes





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Introductions and welcome to new members



All members present shared a little about themselves and why on the committee.




Training needs



Jeff shared that there are new regulations that need to be met. Need to survey and measure percent of people with disabilities working at CU.


Amy brought up combining with our survey.


Jeff suggested Denise report student stats/ trends.

Mark suggested adding to website.

Jeff reported he could present on employee stats.



Amy will work with Jeff to identify survey questions and bring to upcoming meeting.


Amy will ask Jeff and Denise to bring stats to upcoming meeting.

ADA Project Update

Tim Norton

Fran reported on projects that were accomplished in 2014 and what is going to happen in 2015. Some money that was not used in 14 was moved to 15.

· Paving sidewalks and curbs near BIC and Criss.

· Creighton Hall ADA bathrooms have not been accomplished. Did put one on first floor which are accessible by elevator. Trying to move funds to another building.

· Complete ADA bathrooms in Hitchcock on all floors.

· Humanities building needs accessible restrooms.

· Looking at a major renovation to library and restrooms will be addressed.

· Chair lift between main and upper floor at Creighton Hall was canceled.

· Creighton Hall has signage updates but needs more which is in process.

· Classroom technology upgrade with real time option and caption for echo capture. Money available.

· Degalman Hall had ramp revised.

· Brandies upgraded. Lift still in place.

· St. Johns is getting an elevator. (Jan)


Hillarie asked about classrooms. Fran said they are to be accessible and most have been made accessible.






Review of Goals and Discussion of Activities for the Year (see below)

Sherry brought up Survey should be done.

Jeff brought up technology.

Mark gave an update on maps on the website.

Suggested partnership with Boystown to do captioning.

John suggested continuing to take tours. (ask Tim or John, Fran or Coale (lead) to suggest buildings tours)

Amy will work with John regarding buildings to tour for upcoming agendas.


Mark will review website at upcoming meeting.

Meeting times (see below)



Tim, Monday time is OK

All members present could meet at Monday at 2:00.

Amy will check with Denise if the time works for her and ask Sandy to check if room reservation can be moved up by 1 hour.

New business




















ADA Meeting Schedule

· Mon, Sep 15 2014

o 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M., Skutt 104

· Mon, Oct 20 2014

o 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M., Skutt 209

· Mon, Nov 17 2014

o 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M., Skutt 209

· Mon, Dec 15 2014

o 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M., Skutt 209

· Mon, Dec 15 2014

o 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M., Skutt 209

Creighton Disability Accommodation and Awareness Committee

Goals & Objectives (Last Updated 10/13)





  1. Committee member training program – annually in September – including

· Architectural design standards


· Law and regulation updates






  1. Continually improve the CU ADA website

    • FAQs, Best practices, Education

    • Self- assessment for public, employees, students, etc

    • Record of accomplishments such as annual reports, minutes

    • Contacts on campus

    • Policies







  1. Annual Educational Event







  1. Student orientation

    • Promote universal design of orientation/inclusivity by training “tour guides” regarding accessible routes




  1. Employee (faculty and staff) orientation

    • Brochures in packet; Intro to website




  1. Have presence at university events via attendance, poster or brochure







  1. Maintain CU ADA brochure and a Poster

    • Use both for promotion at various events




  1. Promote ADA Awareness month/ October











  1. Increase faculty awareness regarding accessibility and suitability of electronic media




  1. Utilize electronic media to communicate accessible parking, routes,

interior building amenities






  1. Assist facilities department in prioritizing accessible projects as requested.








  1. Complete a campus wide employee survey regarding general ADA/ access knowledge every 3-5 years.




  1. Develop an anonymous response survey tool to virtually dialogue with disabled campus persons; faculty, staff and students.




  1. Review information from OT student activities as submitted to the ADA committee.




  1. Tour buildings on campus yearly to identify potential ADA related issues.