February 2015

ADA Meeting Agenda
Date 2/16/15
Room: Skutt 105
Time: 2-3pm

Members Present (x):

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Amy Mayer    XMike Moradshah   X 
Denise LeClair   X Jim Jansen   X 
Allison Taylor   X John Baxter   X 
Mark Panning   X Dawn Jensen   X 
Sherry Fontaine   X    Hilarie M. Price   X 
Amy Helms   X Tim Norton    X
   Robert Skrydlak    X
Tracie Dahl   X Jeff Branstetter    X
Isabella Gerundio    XAndrea Ordonez Montoya    X
Shawn Cook   X Cindy Hadenfeldt   X 

Lynne Caruso - Human Resources

Molly Billings - Human Resources



Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

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Minutes approved by  Jim Jansen

Second by  Shawn Cook

ADA Website

Mark reported that he has worked on the broken links on the ADA website, and the Report a Barrier link is up and running again.

Hilarie suggested the ADA maps need signage as far as locations for elevators and pathways to buildings, based on feedback from a fellow faculty member.


Based on Tracie’s analysis of external links, the group discussed the following issues:

·         It there a way to determine/tally how many times the various links have been accessed

·         Could the links be organized as either Creighton or local community resources

·         How do we decide which links are useful, and to whom are they useful


All other suggestions as far as changes/adjustments to the ADA website are still in progress.


Jim reported that new training links are still being developed as well.

25th Anniversary of ADA

It suggested that signage could be placed on campus to commemorate the anniversary, as well as an article written in the Creightonian. Since the anniversary date is July 26th, it was proposed that the recognition could take place at the beginning of the school year in August.

See www.adaanniversary.org for more details

Shawn will contact the Creightonian about a possible article.  Allison suggested that her department could work to head recognition efforts in collaboration with others.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Month

It runs from mid-March to Mid-April.

Denise will work with UNO to get some materials for Creighton’s awareness efforts.

ADA Legal Update

Jim reported that the N.A.D has filed lawsuits against Harvard and M.I.T. for not providing on-line content in closed caption.  Denise reported that Creighton is currently providing services for two undergraduate students.


Veteran /Disability Status survey

Molly and Allison have been working on a survey to allow employees to indicate veteran or disability status.  The survey is used to track percentage of disabled employees reported to the federal government. 


Molly and Allison will send out an edited version of the survey to the ADA Committee, prior to it being distributed to faculty and staff.



Motion by Dawn Jensen

Second by Jim Jansen.