January 2015

ADA Meeting Agenda
Date 1/19/15
Room: Skutt 104
Time: 2-3pm

Members Present (x):

MemberPresentUnable to
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Amy Mayer    XMike Moradshah   X 
Denise LeClair   X Jim Jansen   X 
Allison Taylor    XJohn Baxter   X 
Mark Panning   X Dawn Jensen   X 
Sherry Fontaine   X    Hilarie M. Price   X 
Amy Helms   X Tim Norton    X
   Robert Skrydlak    X
Tracie Dahl   X Jeff Branstetter    X
Isabella Gerundio   X Andrea Ordonez Montoya    X
Shawn Cook    XCindy Hadenfeldt    X
Caruso (for Jeff Branstetter)


Agenda Topic



Key Discussion Points



Action Items & Motions/Votes



Review Minutes







Minutes approved by  Jim Jansen


Second by  Sherry Fontaine



Update on students and survey/ research projects.



Two groups of occupational therapy students have volunteered to work on the ADA survey as their research project. 


The students are in class and unable to attend.  They are beginning the literature review. Amy has suggested the look for:


·         Other higher ed institutions and ADA issues


·         Examples of surveys/ research completed in this area


·         Common problems related to ADA in higher ed


·         Search terms: disability, ADA, faculty, students, higher education, litigation, surveys


·         Additional suggestions from committee?







ADA Website Planning



Committee members presented findings for group discussion.



Maps – John reported that the location of accessible maps varied by school, some on ADA website and others on the main page. Questioned whether we should identify construction zones and steep sidewalks that are not accessible.  All campus maps on the Creighton website should have link to ADA website and maps.







Add more detail to maps to include accessibility and door openers.



Link all maps to ADA access maps.






Maps (cont.) – Hillary noted that maps on Nursing website don’t all show which entrances are accessible.  Would like some of links on maps to be more user-friendly.



General – Sherry asked whether the ADA website was easily identifiable and located from the CU main page.  Mark noted that ADA website should be in top 10 search results returned.  



Employees - Group discussed connection between the ADA website and the HR website.  Concern noted that the HR website did not provide any direct links or information on ADA accommodations or services from the landing page.



Amy reported that many university ADA websites include detail of the accommodation process and some also provide definitions.  Whereas ours just has a form.









Evaluate ease of locating the ADA website from the main page.





Verify faculty/staff connection from ADA website to HR with return link.  Explore content on HR website to determine if needs to be expanded.



Consider adding explanation of accommodation process and definitions.






Students – Izzy identified a number of schools that included testimonies from students which made the accommodation process appear more appealing and seemed to help override any negative connotation.   Izzy asked about providing student support groups. Denise responded that historically student support groups have not been well attended, but that Student Counseling Services may be open to exploring.



Izzy also suggested that some of our students provide directed tours of campus. 




Tracy reported that the ADA website only has a phone number and name.  Suggested that an email be added as students are more likely to communicate via email.  Tracy also noted that the website directed students to contact the Dean of their school for assistance.  Most students don’t know who their Dean is, so providing the name or a contact would be helpful. Discussion that names would require monitoring and updating.



Hilarie noted that the University of Iowa has downloadable forms that can be completed and sent in.  Denise prefers to have the students come in to work with her.



Explore testimonials as an option for website.







Denise to ask Student Empowerment Network (SEN) if their group might be interested in providing directed tours.  SEN could also be asked about updating the video.



Verify that either an email address is included, or that clicking on the name will connect to email via Outlook.






Links/Resources – Hilarie and Dawn noted that a number of links on our website didn’t work. 



Dawn reported that the links on other school sites varied greatly by number and type.  Dawn identified the more common links and identified up to 47 more that we could add.  Dawn questioned the group about what types of resources we should be linked to and 2) how many links could we have before it becomes too overwhelming.  Also noted that we could set up categories with hyperlinks to make the content more manageable.  Denise noted she was uncomfortable with adding external links.  Jim noted that some of training provided by external links could be valuable. Group discussed value of providing and concerns with external links.



Notify Mark Panning of any links that aren’t working.





Create a smaller subgroup to review external links and provide a recommendation back to the group.  Volunteers: Mike, Tracy, Denise and Dawn.






Training – Jim noted that our website provided some very old training, but was also missing some more of the recent training from 2014.  Suggested providing links to some of the national websites that provide education or training materials.



Jim also noted that there appears to be a national effort to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ADA legislation.  Jim asked whether the committee should do something to acknowledge the anniversary.  Next month is Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  Denise would also like the group to consider doing something to bring attention.










Committee to bring to the next meeting, ideas to bring notice to ADA.






Landing Page – Mike emailed examples of ADA landing pages from several other schools.



Committee is to review examples and be ready to discuss their top 3 “Likes” or suggestions for the next meeting.



New business



Meeting time was discussed.  Amy will be unable to attend meetings due to a class scheduling conflict.  Mike is committed to another meeting until 2:30 and will arrive late.  No other conflicts were identified. 



Committee will continue to meet on 3rd Monday of every month from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.










Moved by Jim Jansen.  Second by John Baxter.









Creighton Disability Accommodation and Awareness Committee


Goals & Objectives (Last Updated 10/13)




  1. Committee member training program – annually in September – including          

·         Architectural design standards


·         Law and regulation updates






  1. Continually improve the CU ADA website

    •  FAQs, Best practices,  Education

    • Self- assessment for public, employees, students, etc

    • Record of accomplishments such as annual reports, minutes

    • Contacts on campus

    • Policies







  1. Annual Educational Event







  1. Student orientation

    • Promote universal design of orientation/inclusivity by training “tour guides” regarding accessible routes




  1. Employee (faculty and staff) orientation

    • Brochures in packet; Intro to website




  1. Have presence at university events via attendance, poster or brochure







  1. Maintain CU ADA brochure and a Poster

    • Use both for promotion at various events




  1. Promote ADA Awareness month/ October 









  1. Increase faculty awareness regarding accessibility and suitability of electronic media




  1. Utilize electronic media to communicate accessible parking, routes,

interior building amenities






  1. Assist facilities department in prioritizing accessible projects as requested.






  1. Complete a campus wide employee survey regarding general ADA/ access knowledge every 3-5 years.




  1. Develop an anonymous response survey tool to virtually dialogue with disabled campus persons; faculty, staff and students. 




  1. Review information from OT student activities as submitted to the ADA committee.




  1. Tour buildings on campus yearly to identify potential ADA related issues.