March 2015

ADA Meeting Agenda
Date 3/16/15
Room: Skutt 211
Time: 2-3pm

Members Present (x):

Member Present Unable to
Member Present Unable to
Amy Mayer      X Mike Moradshah      X
Denise LeClair    X   Jim Jansen    X  
Allison Taylor    X   John Baxter    Lynne Caruso     X
Mark Panning    X   Dawn Jensen    X  
Sherry Fontaine         X Hilarie M. Price    X  
Amy Helms    X   Tim Norton Fran Angeroth  
      Robert Skrydlak    X  
Tracie Dahl      X Jeff Branstetter    X  
Isabella Gerundio    XAndrea Ordonez Montoya   X 
Shawn Cook   X Cindy Hadenfeldt   X 




Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

Review Minutes


Minutes approved by  Shawn Cook

Second by  Jim Jansen

ADA Website

Review of Metrics on landing page – Mark Panning


Mark explained two sets of analytics due to change in way of analyzing page metrics. Surprise was campus maps was the most popular page. Possibility of adding an internal “search” and then analyze what people are searching for.  This will be possible with Druple. Could add content based on what searches are.


The group discussed:

·         Mark will get definitions of all analytics for the website analysis.


Review of analysis of external links – Dawn Jensen.

·         Mark has corrected many points mentioned last meeting.

·         Tracey and Dawn are discussing the value of having many of the links present on the website. 

·         Perhaps a need to scale back the website and have fewer links overall, keeping those that pertain to the ADA objective.

·         Fran suggests focusing on links that focus on-campus and local resources for those with disabilities.

·         Question of whether HR links should link to ADA website or vice versa.

·         Which links should be on the student office of Disabilities site versus the ADA website.

·         Allison Taylor: Suggests providing a faculty/staff link on the student ODA page.

·         Denise: University policy must be linked on the ADA webpage.

·         Dawn: Need to have further metrics on where users are visiting within the websites.

·         Denise: Possibility of categorizing links by Creighton, Local, National resources and inclusion of resource links for faculty with need for learning to teach individuals with certain disabilities.

·         Web accessibility: need to start early. Content management system handles much of this.  Need for close captioning. Need for accessibility both visually and auditory.

·         Shawn: Need to consult with marketing and communications.



Suggestions for landing pages – Mike Moradshabi.



Decide upon date for rolling out new website. 















Denise: We are tasked to review spreadsheet to decide which external and internal links should be maintained on the ADA website.


All tasked with deciding which links are necessary and which not. 

All members should email Dawn Jensen with ideas for website.

Mark is working on cleaning up the site.

After content is decided upon, we will reevaluate the look of the website.

25th Anniversary of ADA

Timing and committee formation for recognition of ADA 25th Anniversary.


October 2015 is National Disability Awareness Month.  Also 25th Anniversary of the ADA.


Allison Taylor is willing to begin working on this during Summer 2015.


Denise: Will email members for volunteers to work with Amy Helm in Summer 2015 on a type of event in October 2015.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Month

Update –Denise.


Denise: Article in April Newsletter.

ADA Legal Update



New Business

Update on OTD research on student/staff attitudes toward disability.  See note below.




Symposium topic for April 2016.  To have OTD students present their findings during the Symposium.


·         Additionally to have a speaker (Randi Bibins-Clark from the Edge)to teach faculty on how to teach students with ADHD.


Time/day for 2015/16 year.

Jeff B asked regarding the results of the veterans/disability survey for employees: Allison Taylor stated 561 People have taken survey. So far 82 identified as veterans; 73 identified as disabled. Both stats are over the 7% target.  Survey will be open until April 2.

Denise and Dawn: Request for committee to consider morning meetings for the 2015-2016 academic year.

April 2016 Symposium: to have OTD students present results of research on student/staff attitudes toward disability.








Members to check schedules for availability during the 2015-2016 academic year for discussing at April meeting.



Dawn Jensen motions to adjourn.  Amy Helm seconds motion.