May 2015

ADA Meeting Agenda
Date 5/18/15
Room: Skutt 209
Time: 2-3pm

Members Present (x):

Member Present Unable to
Member Present Unable to
Amy Mayer      Mike Moradshah     
Denise LeClair    X   Jim Jansen      
Allison Taylor    X   John Baxter    X   
Mark Panning    X   Dawn Jensen    X  
Sherry Fontaine         Hilarie M. Price      
Amy Helms    X   Tim Norton  
      Robert Skrydlak     
Tracie Dahl      Jeff Branstetter    X  
Isabella Gerundio    Andrea Ordonez Montoya    
Shawn Cook   X Cindy Hadenfeldt    




Agenda Topic

Key Discussion Points

Action Items & Motions/Votes

Review Minutes



Randi Bibbins-Clark name change under new business


ADA Website

Review of Metrics on landing page – Mark Panning –.date for rolling out the new website










Review of analysis of external links – Dawn Jensen.  Final determination of which links to retain.




Suggestions for landing pages – Mike Moradshabi.  Further recommendations.


Mark-provided metrics and overview

Map has most activity

Jeff-if they go to our site, where do they go next? That may be a good indicator of what needs to be linked or information to be added.

Mark-waiting for roll out of new website with date yet to be determined.


Discussion revolving around items in the ADA Website spreadsheet, current links tab.  Changes noted by Denise on spreadsheet.


Discussion revolving around items in ADA Website spreadsheet, potential links tab.  Changes noted by Denise on spreadsheet.







25th Anniversary of ADA

Timing and committee formation for recognition of ADA 25th Anniversary. 

October 2015 is National Disability Awareness Month.  Also 25th Anniversary of the ADA.

Amy Helm:  projected time and date during Summer 2015.



Denise: Will email members for volunteers to work with Amy Helms and Alison Taylor in Summer 2015 on a type of event in October 2015.

Meeting time and date for 2015-2016

Members to check schedules for availability for morning meeting.

Denise-would like to move to a morning meeting to work around schedule in ODA testing.


May look at morning around 9 or 10 a.m. during the week.

ADA Legal Update





Not present.

New Business



Dawn-committee membership and determining who is on/off committee.


Jeff-President’s Office looks at committees during summer for appointments.  This may help determine availability for scheduling of 2015-2016.


Facilities representation and suggestions for improvement on-campus.  Agenda item for fall 2015 to determine if we need a beginning point to look at campus and ADA access points.   Need to get on budget lines in October.


John-will look to see if he can find the report of the architecture firm for ADA Compliancy.








Motion-Dawn Jensen

2nd-Amy Helms