September 2015

ADA Committee Meeting Minutes 

September 22, 2015

Skutt Student Center 209

9:00 A.M.


I.      Welcome and Introductions

·         Present: Allison Taylor (co-chair), Denise LeClair (co-chair), Jim Jansen, Lynne Caruso (for Jeff Branstetter), John Baxter (for Tim Norton), Gerald Kuhlman, Adam Haakenson, Dawn Jensen, Tami Richardson-Nelson, Barbara Brock, Brady Lain


II.      History of Committee


·         Allison read through the original charges for the committee, as written in the University statutes

·         This includes a focus on employment, academic and public programs, facilities, and transportation and telecommunications

·         Other committee members shared past committee projects, including surveys, the symposium, walking tours, programs, website updates, and other awareness raising projects


III.      Committee Goals for 2015-2016


·         The committee discussed a number of potential items for the current academic year and suggested the following as priority items:

o   Campus walking tours to identify physical barriers and advocate for updates and changes

§  Dawn Jensen suggested that this walking tour happen soon in order prioritize items in the fiscal year planning for 2017 and beyond.

§  John Baxter offered to lead the walking tour (NEED TO SCHEDULE)

§  Identified issues of accessible doors, pathways to parking lots, and the McGloin brick mall as concerns

o   Campus outreach

§  Explore ways of reaching new students

·         Outreach to RSP leaders, information at Welcome Week program (maybe transitions program)

§  Outreach to faculty/staff

·         Promoting self-advocacy (who to contact, what the University can provide, etc)

·         How to ask for an accommodation

·         Outreach at benefits fair or HR newsletter?

·         Promotion of accessible office items at purchasing fair

o   Programming for campus

§  October ADA Awareness month (see below for more info)

§  Web accessibility and technology

·         Presentation was done recently- check with Mark Panning on whether this was recorded

·         Universal design with online courses

·         Web accessibility standards for campus

·         NEED A DOIT REP on this committee


IV.      Old Business

a.    ADA 25th Anniversary- July 2015

b.    ADA Awareness Month is in October

·         October ADA Awareness month

o   Put together an email from the committee for Jaynet, Creighton today on awareness and links to website

o   Communication for students- digital signage, twitter, Facebook, communicate through CSU

o   “Did you know?” emails on ADA issues

V.      New Business

a.    Invitation to Student Life meeting

·         Student Life invited the ADA committee to present at an upcoming staff development meeting.  Adam Haakenson expressed interest in this opportunity

·         Denise and Allison are following up on more specifics for this invitation

·         Suggestion was made to present to other divisions as well




VI.      Next meeting: October- look for a meeting invite


·         Meeting invites to go out soon from Allison


VII.      Adjournment


·         The group adjourned at 10:00am