May 2016


ADA Committee Meeting Minutes


May 17, 2016

Skutt Student Center 209

9:00 A.M.


     I.        Welcome

Attending:  Denise LeClair, Dawn Jensen, Lynn Caruso for Jeff Branstetter, Adam Haakenson, Tami Richardson-Nelson (Pamela Duncan—interpreter), Tim Baxter


   II.        New Business

A.   ADA Report a Barrier

1.   Presently the Report a Barrier goes to Mark Panning and defaults to ADA Committee members; Suggest that this be changed to an automatic referral to John Baxter (has this been done?  I thought John was handling the Report a Barrier changes)

2.   Add a place for a name on the Report a Barrier button if a follow-up response is requested. - who should take the lead?

3.. Suggest that report be made to ADA committee as an agenda item so all members are knowledgeable about trouble spots and fixes.

B.   Education efforts on website/trainings

1.   Brown Bag lunch with Randi Bibins-Clark about teaching students with ADHD and/or learning disabilities (Date/Time?)

2.   Title IX education/training related to pregnancy and faculty responsibilities

3.   Create FAQ for faculty – Subcommittee?

4.   Partner with HR to create manger and supervisor training on ADA

5.   Showcase (Creighton Today, campus paper) ADA improvements to facilities and grounds

C.   Coordinate with event planning for access support (example:  sign language interpreters at graduation)

D.   Increasing visibility of ADA Committee and ODA:  Director of ODA presented at Welcome Week to all new incoming first year students, through website for graduate programs, at Accelerated Nursing orientation.


 III.        Next meeting: To be determined


 IV.        Adjourned at 9:50 am.