Creighton and Disability Accommodation

Creighton University is committed to meeting not only the requirements but the spirit of the ADA and its amendments. The University believes in a culture of openness, a supportive educational and work environment, and the promotion of equality and reasonable accommodation for employees and students with disabilities.

Creighton University is required to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified employees and students. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability and Accommodations for assistance or the deanís office of their school.

Employees should first contact their supervisor, if they are comfortable doing so. They may also contact the Human Resources or a member of the ADA committee. An ADA_Reasonable_Accommodation_Request_Form is available in the ADA Forms section of the Creighton Disability Accommodation and Awareness Committee web site.

The University encourages employees to self-identify, if they believe they may have current ADA-related needs. All discussions between employees, their supervisors Human Resources personnel, and Creighton Disability Accommodation and Awareness Committee members will be considered confidential to the full extent practicable.

Reasonable accommodation may include but is not limited to:

∑         Modifying work facility

∑         Acquiring or modifying equipment or devices

∑         Job restructuring or modifying work schedules

∑         Reassignment to a vacant position

∑         Adjusting or modifying examinations or training materials

∑         Providing qualified readers or interpreters