Fr. Rigge Memoirs

'We live in what may pre-eminently be called the age of the press, in which everybody can put his ideas in print, why should we not then use this powerful weapon for good...'
-Fr. William Rigge, Chapter 14

Later revision of Memoirs available

The version of Father Rigge's Memoirs previously found at this website has been removed.

Father Rigge died before his Memoirs were completed, and his manuscript underwent many revisions.  A later version of Father Rigge's Memoirs than the one published in the Creighton Alumnus is in the Rigge Collection of the University Archives.  The later version, which is considered to be more accurate as it includes many factual corrections as well as stylistic changes to the published version, is available in digital form in the William F. Rigge, SJ, Papers section of the University Archives website.  For access to the original manuscript, please contact the University Archives.

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