sustainable transportation strategies

Creighton University is located slightly to the north of the heart of the older urban center of Omaha.  We live in a large, sprawling Midwestern urban city. 

We support sustainable transportation strategies for students, faculty and staff located in all parts of Omaha, outlying suburbs and across the Missouri river in Iowa. We are organizing carpools, encouraging bicycle commuting as the city constructs safe bicycle lanes, facilitating a car-sharing service, as well as making all aware that transportation is not simply the price of gasoline but also is made up of social and ecological costs.

We also support a robust shuttle system that transports students, faculty and staff around campus and to the nearby neighborhoods.



The Bike NestThe Bike Nest

The Bike Nest is Creighton University's Co-operative Bike Project. Staffed by students, this shop encourages you to bring in your bike to learn how to do small repairs yourself. The Bike Nest has a limited selection of items, such as tubes and repair kits, but in cases of larger repairs, you'll need to provide your own supplies (available at local bike shops).

It's located in the basement of McGloin Hall, on the opposite end of the hallway from Java Jay.

Funding for the tools was provided by a grant from the Community Bike Project Omaha. We are deeply grateful for this support.

To schedule a time to work on your bike, or if you're interested in volunteering at the shop (we'll train you to work on the bikes!), please contact Samantha Senda-Cook.

The Creighton Cycling Group

The Creighton Cycling Group is up and running. See their Facebook page for more information!



MetrO! Rideshare is a free, quick and secure service that connects commuters throughout the Metropolitan Omaha Region who are interested in carpooling.  Simply create a new account and profile and MetrO! Rideshare will automatically search for carpool matches according to your commuting preferences.

Zipcar -- Wheels When You Want Them

Zipcar -- Wheels When You Want Them

Zipcar is now located right on campus!  With this innovative program, you can reserve a car and check it out for a hour or two, or the whole day.   Gas and insurance are included in the low rental fee.  It's a great alternative to having a car on campus!

Memberships are available for students, staff, faculty, and university departments.  Information on how the program works is available here.

    * self-service access to cars 24/7
    * low hourly and daily rates include gas and insurance
    * reserve online or using your mobile device in seconds
    * cars located right on campus
    * good for the environment


Get started by signing up for a membership and try it out!