JayBuck$ Program

Now that's FAST!

Average transaction time:

JayBuck$  --  1 second
Cash      --    10 seconds
Credit Card -- 5 seconds

Download a copy of the current Terms and Conditions in PDF format.

Your JayBuck$ account is a stored value debit system accessed using your Creighton ID card. It does not cost anything to use JayBuck$ and funds carry over each semester.

The Card Services Office administers the JayBuck$ program and all related hardware and software. Departments and vendors accepting JayBuck$ as a form of payment share a portion of the costs. The program is for the benefit of the University and is not intended to generate revenue. Our goal each fiscal year is to recover as much of the operating costs as possible, while maintaining and improving the services available.

Make a Deposit

Students and employees may use their BLUE credentials to logon to "StudentLink" and view their account balances and history, board balance and history, report a lost card or make a deposit.

Parents and guests may make a deposit by using the guest site and clicking on "Add Jaybucks Here" on the menu on the left side. No login is required to make a deposit for parents and guests. However, for parents and guests to view account balances and history and board balance and history, please have your student login to "StudentLink" and grant access to you.